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Friday, July 27, 2012

Throwing Guidelines

Kevin Barr        
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There is growing epidemic of injuries to the throwing arm and the number one risk factor is year round baseball. Pitch count guidelines will serve as the cornerstone of injury-prevention in youth baseball. The goal is to educate parents and coaches." -- Dr. James R. Andrews, M.D.

Throwing Guidelines

•  Develop & maintain proper throwing mechanics. Improper throwing mechanics increase force at shoulder & elbow.

•  Do NOT pitch with persistent shoulder or elbow pain. See medical professional if pain not resolved within 5 days.

•  Warm-Up to throw. Do NOT throw to Warm-Up

•  De-emphasize winning. High pitch counts & early use of breaking pitches to “win” increases injury risk.

•  Avoid year-round baseball. No throwing for 3 months between seasons to allow throwing-arm to recover.

•  Follow rest guidelines between outings.

•  Number of pitches more important than number of innings for determining rest.

•  Proper rest & recovery allows adaptation by muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, cartilage, & bone.

•  Follow maximum pitch count guidelines. Direct correlation between high pitch-counts & shoulder / elbow injuries.

•  Avoid throwing breaking pitches until 14-16 years old or until athlete begins shaving.

•  Ignore radar gun readings. Young pitchers overthrow to impress scouts, which increases risk of arm injuries.

•  Overthrowing pitches to gain velocity is mechanically inefficient & predisposes arm to injury.

•  Avoid pitching in multiple leagues.

•  Do NOT practice pitching after pitched game.

•  Do NOT copy mechanics or conditioning programs of MLB players.

•  Do NOT throw overweight or underweight baseballs, which alter throwing mechanics.

•  Avoid baseball pitching & football passing during same season. Baseball pitching & football passing require different throwing mechanics.

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