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David Rawnsley
Vice President of Player Personnel and Scouting

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1 Top 10 2012 draft slots determined 11/29/11 19557 views
2 Top 10 2012 draft slots determined 11/29/11 19557 views
3 Top 10 2012 draft slots determined 11/29/11 19557 views
4 Top 10 2012 draft slots determined 11/29/11 19557 views
5 Top 10 2012 draft slots determined 11/29/11 19557 views
Draft Focus: Spencer Adams    
Apr 23, 2014
Spencer Adams has shown plenty of promise throughout his high school career, but his draft stock has exploded this spring as the pieces have come together more consistently.  read 
Draft Focus: Cameron Varga    
Apr 21, 2014
PG All-American Cameron Varga has taken a long and winding road to where he is today, evolving from a power hitting shortstop into a power pitcher with two strikeout offerings.  read 
Draft Focus: Michael Kopech    
Apr 17, 2014
PG All-American righthander Michael Kopech is enjoying a big spring, and has solidified his name as a likely early round draft pick thanks to a low- to mid-90s fastball and sharp curve.  read 
Draft Focus: Alexis Pantojas    
Apr 15, 2014
Shortstop Alexis Pantojas, the top 2014 draft eligible prospect from Puerto Rico, showcases an exciting blend of polished defensive tools, speed and an emerging presence at the plate.  read 
King of the Mountain    
Apr 11, 2014
2013 PG All-American Bryce Montes de Oca, who was unable to play in the Classic due to injury, took the mound for the first time in a year with impressive results.  read 
Draft Focus: Keith Weisenberg    
Apr 8, 2014
With a lean and wiry strong frame, tall stature and impressive arm speed, Keith Weisenberg generates easy and consistent low- to mid-90s heat with an improving slider.  read 
Draft Focus: Brandon Finnegan    
Apr 7, 2014
Texas Christian lefthanded pitcher Brandon Finegan has come a long way since his high school days, now peaking the upper-90s with his fastball which highlights a solid three-pitch mix.  read 
Draft Focus: Monte Harrison    
Apr 3, 2014
Monte Harrison, with an exciting three-sport background, is arguably the best athlete available in the 2014 draft class, and the PG All-American looks to boost his stock this spring.  read 
Draft Focus: Justin Smith    
Apr 1, 2014
PG All-American outfielder Justin Smith has all of the tools to become a prototypical right fielder, as he could take off if he finds comfort with his powerful righthanded swing.  read 
Draft Focus: Jon Littell    
Mar 28, 2014
Although not as frequently discussed as some of his other PG All-American teammates, Jon Littell has the size, swing and overall offensive potential to shine at the next level.  read 

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