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The Perfect Game Insurance Program provides General Liability and Accident Medical coverage for youth baseball, softball and T-ball teams and leagues. Coverage is included for games, practices, tournament participation, tryouts, fundraisers, and official team or league functions. Coverage for Abuse and Molestation is included if the required background checks are completed. Coverage for field ownership, maintenance of playing fields and hosted tournaments is not provided. Optional Non-Owned and Hired Automobile coverage and Inland Marine coverage for sports equipment are also available. Minimum earned premium is the greater of $50 or 75% of the total premium.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
The process is simple! click on the “Purchase Insurance” link below. The link will guide you through the process to purchase coverage via credit card. Upon completion of the transaction, you can obtain a certificate of insurance for yourself as well as your landlord or equipment leasing company. Purchase Insurance
Who do I contact if I have questions?
If you have other questions, or you are not eligible to obtain coverage through the program, please contact the program administator, American Specialty, at perfectgame@americanspecialty.com
How do I file a claim?
To file your claim, complete and send us the appropriate incident report form. File a Claim
How do I download my certificate?
To download your certificate of insurance, use the confirmation number you received after initially purchasing coverage. Download Certificate
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