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2022 18U PG Elite 40 Illinois Scouting Showcase (5GG, DiamondKast, PG Scouting + Social Media) (A)
14U (A) 16U (A) 18U (A)
This event will begin Friday at 6pm. All teams must be ready to play at that time.
Metal cleats are not allowed at this facility. Please bring alternative footwear.

For a full list of events rules as well as information on gate entry wristbands, event t-shirts, etc., click here: 

Schedule/Scores Brackets Event Info   Pool Standings 1 Event Article
FB Velocities
Team Heat 18u Red Carlie Jo Brownlee R67
Midwest Sluggers '05 Chloe Mitchell R66
Team Heat 18u Red Saylor Timmerman R65
Heartland Havoc 05 Kendra Lewis R64
Team Heat 18u Red Bentley Cutts R63
Thundercat Softball 18u Amira Baldon R62
Eastern Iowa Barracudas-Gold Ashlyn Finarty R62
Eastern Iowa Barracudas/Vantiger Ellie Flanagan R62
Iowa Gold Prospects 18U- Gold Abby Hiatt R62
Heartland Havoc 05 Katie Petran R62
Iowa Bandits Zadie Wadle R62
Iowa Elite Softball Ella Brown L61
Eastern Iowa Barracudas Miller Kennedy Daugherty R61
Tomahawks 18uad Avery Hamilton R61
Southeast Ia Allstars, 18U-Gold-Hartsock Madison Kluever R61
Lady Dukes 18u - Willis Haylee Schott R61
East Peoria Express Emma Slayback R61
Eastern Iowa Barracudas/Vantiger Emily Watters L61
Southeast IA Allstars, 18U Gold Miller Maura Chalupa R60
Iowa Slammers 18U Hainer Kaelynn Jay R60
Iowa Slammers-18u Hallman Allison Lair R60
Eastern Iowa Barracudas Miller Ashlynn Sheets L60
East Peoria Express Sage Steider R60
Heartland Havoc 05 Katie Thatcher L60
Eastern Iowa Barracudas-Gold Ashley Webb L60
Jags Select Jordyn Kennedy R59
Tomahawks 18uad Layla Moore R59
Iowa Slammers 18U Hainer Joselyn Muir R59
Iowa Bandits Madison Oetzmann R59
Southeast IA Allstars, 18U Gold Miller Emily Rigdon R59
Iowa Gold Prospects 18U- Gold Caedence Risius R59
Southeast Ia Allstars, 18U-Gold-Hartsock Ryleigh Allgood L58
East Peoria Express Marlee Brown R58
Eastern Iowa Barracudas-Gold Duanna Coyle R58
Iowa Slammers-18u Van Houten Anna Eastin R58
Iowa Gold Prospects 18u- Black Ciara Heffron R58
Tomahawks 18uad Sarah Huber R58
Iowa Elite Softball Lily Knutson R58
Lady Dukes 18u - Willis Madison Martin R58
Iowa Gold Prospects 18U- Gold Jaidan Abel R57
Heartland Havoc 05 Payton Brown R57
Iowa Elite Softball Sydney Carlson R57
Illinois Stars - Perkins Kloie Cole R57
Eastern Iowa Barracudas Miller Emma Eekhoff R57
Team Heat 18u Red Nicole Fahey R57
Lady Dukes 18u - Willis Marin Jacobs R57
Illinois Stars - Perkins Liberty Rivard R57
Iowa Slammers-18u Hallman Alexa Stevermer R57
Illinois Stars - Perkins Jade Bouquin R56
Iowa Gold Prospects 18u- Black Taryn Fredrickson R56
Jags Select Lauren Gustofson L56
Eastern Iowa Barracudas/Vantiger Piper Johnson R56
Iowa Slammers-18u Hallman Lily Rand L56
Jags Select Jadeyn Stahr R56
Iowa Slammers-18u Van Houten Dharma Woodruff R56
Midwest Sluggers '05 Tara Bomleny R55
Thundercat Softball 18u Alexis Grossman R55
Iowa Gold Prospects 18u- Black Katelyn Klever R55
Tomahawks 18uad Avery Rost R55
Iowa Elite Softball Haileigh Smith R55
Southeast Ia Allstars, 18U-Gold-Hartsock Jenifer Jarrett R54
Midwest Sluggers '05 Sarah Pickett-Miller R54
Thundercat Softball 18u Casey Fronheiser R53
Illinois Stars - Perkins Kyla McIntyre R52
Thundercat Softball 18u Ella Schuchardt R52
Jags Select Cora Boyle R51
Iowa Slammers 18U Hainer Abbie Holmes R50
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