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Participating Teams
Champion Patriots (11-9-2 in 2021) 10C Cameron, MO Matt Vaughn
Runner-Up Team Kansas-Brown (6-4-1 in 2021) 10C Gardner, KS Sheena Brown
Third Place Ottawa Raptors - 9C (5-10-2 in 2021) 9C Ottawa, KS Jason Beers
  Ankeny Xtreme 10U White (1-1-1 in 2021) 10C Ankeny, IA Rockford Anderson
  Kansas Rage (21-9-2 in 2021) 12C Topeka, KS Mark Miller
  Moxie (15-7-0 in 2021) 10C St. Joseph, MO James Pitts
  Mud Turtles (7-12-0 in 2021) 10C Fort Scott, KS Kent Aikin
  Paola Pirates 10u (0-9-0 in 2021) 10C Paola, KS Craig Browning
  Queen Bees Yellow (12-20-2 in 2021) 10C Topeka, KS Derek Evans
  Sting 2011- Van Gorp (9-7-0 in 2021) 10C Kansas City, MO Mandy Van Gorp
  Sting Black 2011 (3-5-1 in 2021) 10C Kansas City, MO Lindsey Bennion
  Twisters - Clark (9-14-1 in 2021) 10C St. George, KS Brett Clark
  Velocity Academy 10u (0-14-2 in 2021) 10C Belton, MO Robert Shoemaker
  Wicked Stix 11 (3-3-0 in 2021) 10C Bentonville, AR Cole Mitchell
  Zephyrs 2011 (0-3-0 in 2021) 10C Blue Springs, MO Rocky Munzuris
  Zephyrs Purple (1-1-1 in 2021) 10C Blue Springs, MO Rocky Munzuris

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