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Participating Teams
Champion Swat 07 (20-5-0 in 2021) 14B St. Joseph, MO Katy Fox
Runner-Up Strike Zone 07 Blue (10-9-0 in 2021) 14B Shawnee, KS Coach Jay
Third Place KC Fusion (27-18-2 in 2021) 14B Kansas City, KS Darrin Dillard
Third Place Zephyrs Fastpitch (19-32-3 in 2021) 14B Blue Springs, MO Duane Steffens
  BA Select (8-7-0 in 2021) 14C Brookfield, MO Brandon Sackrey
  KC Bandits - Blue (9-5-0 in 2021) 14C Olathe, KS Chris Crawford
  Kc Legends 06 (10-10-0 in 2021) 14B Kansas City, KS Landon Roth
  KC Slide (0-12-1 in 2021) 14B Kansas City, MO Zachary Jury
  Stampede (7-6-0 in 2021) 14B Lee's Summit, MO Cody Winburn
  Titans 06-07 White (6-8-0 in 2021) 14B Raytown, MO Terrance Harris
  Velocity Academy 14B (20-22-1 in 2021) 14B Belton, MO James Groom

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