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Athletes will go through a series of drills and data collection during the combine. Athletes will also receive a mentorship session to help prepare them for the next level in their careers. Perfect Game will also provide each athlete with clips from SkillShow that will be displayed on in their Player Locker.

ENTRY: $199.00/player

Combine incentives:

 - PG Scouting Grade
 - Speed and Agility – shuttle run, arm strength, 40yd dash, grip strength, broad jump
 - Offensive & Defensive Workouts – (SkillShow Video Clips)
 - PG Tech Cage Data
 - Rapsodo Pitching Analytics
 - Rapsodo Hitting Analytics
 - Educational/Mentorship component
 - Monthly Players Lounge

Visit Perfect Game/Softball/Combine for more info.

Perfect Game is dedicated to growing the game and giving everyone a platform to be identified for a chance to compete at the next level.

**If there is no parent account associated with the player at time of registration through the Perfect Game website, one will be required to proceed. Once the confirmation email is received, please proceed to attach player account to parent account. 
At this time DiamondKast is not scheduled for this event.
For more information regards to this event, please contact:
PG - Softball
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