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College | Story | 3/7/2017

College Spotlight: Frisco Classic

Britt Smith        
Photo: Oklahoma State Athletics

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Every week during the 2017 college baseball season we will be pulling at least one report, and corresponding video when available, of a player entered into the College Player Database. This week will be a little different given Perfect Game's presence at three major college baseball tournaments, including the Frisco College Baseball Classic. Below we will share one detailed report of a player from each of the four participating teams (Arizona, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma State). All of the reports entered into the database can be found in one, easy-to-find place as linked above, and can also be accessed off of the individual PG player profile pages.

To access all of the reports you will need a College Baseball Ticket (CBT) subscription. To learn more about the CBT and to sign up today please visit this link.

Arizona - Nick Quintana, 3B

For a freshman, Nick Quintana (5-foot-10, 190-pounds) is as well rounded a prospect as there is in college baseball. Starting with the bat, Quintana displays an advanced feel for hitting. His plate discipline gets him into solid hitter’s counts and he rarely wastes the opportunities that he creates for himself. With a simple set up and swing, Quintana displays a well-leveraged swing with slight lift and plus bat speed and is reminiscent of Ryan Braun at the same age. His barrel stays through the hitting zone and on plane with pitches really well.

Possessing enough present power to hit 10-12 homers as a freshman, Quintana really resists the temptation to just sell out for power. Utilizing a smooth and easy swing he keeps his approach through the middle of the field for the most part while launching laser like line drives from gap to gap. He generates terrific backspin and will easily see routine line drives carry deep into the alleys of the outfield. Mechanically, Quintana has solid weight transfer and utilizes his current strength well while attacking balls in the strike zone with solid pitch recognition.

Quintana’s defensive prowess was just as impressive as his offensive skills. With easy and fluid actions he was always in a position to attack balls on the ground no matter the speed or direction of the ball in play. He showed range to both sides, as well as charging the balls in front of him. Making quick decisions off the bat and taking solid angles to the ball was something that he seemed at ease with. Once the ball hit his glove the transition to throw was extremely quick and appeared effortless.

Showing a high-level ability to start the double play from third base he would put throws on the chest of the second baseman consistently with a loose and easy throwing motion. Top-end arm strength is not an issue for him either, showing plus arm strength across the diamond, Quintana also displayed the ability to be extremely accurate when throwing from a variety of angles and arm slots. 

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Arkansas – Carson Shaddy, IF/OF/C

Being named MVP of the Frisco College Classic was well deserved for Shaddy who was a robust presence (5-for-9, 6 RBI, 4 doubles, 3 walks) in the three-game round robin event. Being listed as a C/3B/OF in the program, Shaddy (5-foot-11, 185-pounds) only played second and third base for the Razorbacks on the weekend.

The college baseball version of a Swiss Army knife, he found a consistent home in the batter’s box this weekend. Showing a fluid and easy swing that has solid weight transfer and a slight natural lift, Shaddy consistently drove the ball from line to line. His bat speed is solid and the feel for adjusting to pitches in flight is present with good barrel-to-ball skills. Shaddy is a true utility type defender that can be comfortable with any position on the field. While he is probably not a plus defender at any one position, he is more than adequate at several.

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• Luke Bonfield
• Cannon Chadwick
• Matt Cronin
• Blaine Knight
• Grant Koch
• Jacob Kostyshock
• Evan Lee
• Kacey Murphy
• Weston Rogers
• Carson Shaddy
• Trevor Stephan

Nebraska – Chad Luensmann, RHP

Standing 6-foot-4 and 230-pounds Luensmann has an intimidating presence on the mound. The delivery appears to be country strong as he appears to be loading everything he has into each pitch. The lower half hip turn is solid as he coils up over the rubber as his takeaway extends to a long and loose rear arm circle. As he begins to deliver the ball from a true three-quarters arm slot he generates plenty of whip in the arm. Luensmann throws each pitch with intent and it is apparent as his fastball routinely sits 90-93 mph with sinking arm-side run.

Luensmann commands the lower half of the zone well on both halves of the plate. He attacks hitters and is aggressive with this pitch even though he also possesses a slider that stays in the 77-79 range and will show some late biting down action with 10-to-4 shape. Luensmann does not overuse the secondary offering and almost seems to keep it in his back pocket until he is convinceed hitters have committed to sit on the fastball. Luensmann made only one appearance at the Frisco College Classic but it was a big one, a four-inning save (his second of the year) to complete a 1-0 shutout over Arizona from the final day in Frisco.

Other Nebraska players added to College Player Database:

• Luis Alvarado
• Derek Burkamper
• Nate Fisher
• Jake Hohensee
• Jake Meyers
• Robbie Palkert
• Scott Schreiber
• Matt Waldron

Oklahoma State – Jensen Elliott, RHP

Tall and rangy is an appropriate description of Jensen Elliott who stands 6-foot-6 and a slender 210 pounds. With a slow and deliberate delivery, Elliott will vary the arm slot from time to time. Primarily he works from a true three-quarters slot with three offerings, including a fastball with plenty of movement at 88-90 mph. However, he will also reach up to a high three-quarters slot at times and generate more downhill tilt and see his velocity reach up into the 91-92 range while still keeping the sinking arm-side run. His lower half is fairly calm and could be utilized more than it is presently.

Elliott keeps solid direction to the plate with both arm slots and shows slightly above average command of both as well. He will use a small and short breaking slider with 11-to-5 shape that sits 80-82 as well as a changeup with solid hand speed that replicates the action of his fastball at 79-80 mph. Elliot is somewhat hard to project because of the use of multiple arm slots even though he is presently effective with the mix it is hard to say how it will play moving forward.

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• Garrett Benge
• Tyler Buffett
• Jacob Chappell
• Jake Cowan
• Jonathan Heasley
• Joe Lienhard
• Garrett McCain
• Michael Neustifter
• Parker Scott
• Colin Simpson
• Carson Teel

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