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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Caribbean Top Prospects named

David Rawnsley        
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2013 Caribbean Top Prospect Showcase

2014 Top Prospects

Alexis Pantojas - SS - 2014 - Vega Alta, PR
Pantojas was known as a top flight runner and defender coming into the showcase and lived up to that, including running a 6.49 sixty and running the bases with aggressiveness and impact speed. He was outstanding at the plate in the games, with his left handed swing showing gap power and consistent hard contact.

Roy Morales Rivera - C - 2014 - Lares, PR
Morales was originally a 2013 before a fractured elbow caused him to change schools and classes last year. He's making the conversion to catcher from third base, although some scouts think he still might be a top pitching prospect, and early impressions on the conversion are very positive. He dominated the games with his bat, showing big power in addition to the ability to hit to the opposite field.

Joel Huertas Ortiz - LHP - 2014 - Dorado, PR
Ortiz received a PG grade of 9 at the 2012 Caribbean Showcase when he was just topping out at 84 mph and has improved significantly since then, topping out at 90 mph with good life and command. He didn't use his sharp mid-70's curveball as much as he could have but it is a very good second pitch.

Nelson Jorge - IF - 2014 - Patillas, PR
Jorge was the revelation of the showcase with his big tools and the ability to drive the ball hard from both sides of the plate. He ran a 6.54 sixty and threw 90 from the infield and 93 mph from the outfield. He has a chance to stay at shortstop defensively.

Jean C. Cosme - RHP - 2014 - Toa Alta, PR
Cosme has a young build and look to him and the chance to throw really hard as he matures physically. He topped out at 91 mph from a slow paced deliberate delivery with a big leg raise and a very fast arm coming through. He will need to learn to mix his pitches better as he gets older.

Edwin Lebron Gonzalez - C - 2014 - Fajardo, PR
Lebron looks the part of the prospect with a chiseled 6-foot-1, 190-pound build and backs it up with his tools. He posted the best pop time at the showcase at 1.81 and his raw arm strength even surpassed Roy Morales at 84 mph. Lebron handles the bat just fine, too, with a strong right handed swing with power.

Marco A. Rivera Rios - OF - 2014 - Vega Alta, PR
Rivera's athleticism stands out, with a 6.57 time in the sixty and eye opening raw arm strength in the outfield that measured at 95 mph in drills. He has plenty of right handed bat speed, with a long, flat swing that stays on the ball for a long time.

Jose Antonio Rodriguez - SS - 2014 - Naguabo, PR
Rodriguez didn't show the 6.5 running speed or 90 mph arm strength of some of his peers but was one of the most well rounded players at the event. He swung the bat very well in games and graded out near the top for his infield actions and overall defensive tools.

Michael Arroyo - C - 2014 - Ponce, PR
Arroyo is a very polished player both offensively and defensively and still has plenty of projection to go with the strength already on his 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame. He tries to stay inside the ball and go to the opposite field but his best contact is when he lets the barrel fly and attacks it with a pull mentality.

Felix Javier Hernandez Mercado - OF - 2014 - Naranjito, PR
Hernandez is sure to get plenty of attention from the scouts between now and June with his lean and lanky 6-foot-3, 190-pound build, his 6.51 speed and his plus outfield arm strength. He has a sound approach at the plate with good shift into contact and solid present bat speed.

Ryan J Vega Caballero - OF - 2014 - Manati, PR
Vega is a long legged and projectable 6-foot-2, 190-pound outfielder with 6.58 speed and 89 mph arm strength from the outfield. He swung the bat very well in batting practice, showing quick hands to the ball and good carry off the barrel.

Francisco Lopez - RHP - 2014 - Carolina, PR
Lopez has a nice three-pitch mix to go with his projectable 6-foot-5, 200-pound frame. His fastball was in the 86-89 mph range, although it tended to be a bit flat due to his drop and drive delivery, and both his curveball and changeup were quality secondary pitches.

Kevin Rivera - SS - 2014 - Barceloneta, PR
Rivera is a very versatile prospect, with 6.50 speed in the sixty and the ability to play all over the infield. In addition, he's a switch-hitter with some present strength in his 5-foot-11, 170-pound build and quick hands at the plate.

Fernando Ortiz - SS - 2014 - Comerio, PR
Ortiz is another switch-hitting middle infielder with plus running speed (6.57 in the sixty). He hit especially well from the left side and showed surprising pop in his bat for a 145 pound athlete when he squared the ball up.

Sidney Duprey - LHP - 2014 - Guayama, PR
The 6-foot-2, 200-pound lefty showed two solid present pitches in a fastball that topped out at 88 mph with big, late running action and a 73 mph curveball that was big and sharp at times. The life he gets on both pitches will be a major weapon for him as he continues to develop.

Javier Torres - RHP - 2014 - Arecibo, PR
Torres looked like he could have pitched a complete game without breaking a sweat in the humid Puerto Rican climate. He was consistently 86-88 mph from an easy, low effort delivery and absolutely pounded the strike zone with his live fastball and a 70 mph curveball that developed good depth the more he threw it.

Felix Correa Reyes - 2B - 2014 - Canovanas, PR
Correa only stands 5-foot-8, 150-pounds but he packs plenty of bat speed and punch into his left handed swing, along with the ability to square up the ball very consistently. He also plays the game with an energy and flair that will continue to help him in his baseball future.

Gabriel Ojeda - C - 2014 - Humacao, PR
Ojeda showed very solid defensive tools behind the plate, including posting a 1.87 pop time in drills, but gained extra notice because of his power potential from the right side. His swing can get long but the ball comes off the barrel very well.

Kevin Lara - RHP - 2014 - Caguas, PR
Lara was one of the more projectable pitchers at the showcase, with a loose 6-foot-2, 175-pound build and a nice high 3/4's arm action that created good downhill angle to his pitches. He topped out at 87 mph with a big breaking low 70's curveball.

Yamil Pagan - SS - 2014 - Juncos, PR
Pagan wows you with his raw tools, including 6.55 speed in the sixty and 91 mph infield arm strength. He shows good right handed bat speed at the plate with strength in his hands but still has some swing adjustments to make before the next level.

Andres Boitel - OF - 2014 - Bayamon, PR
Boitel still has work to do with his hitting mechanics but he has a strong aggressive swing and the ball comes off his barrel hard to right centerfield. He ran a 6.76 in the sixty and showed off his arm with 89 mph velocity from the outfield.

Misael Lebron - C - 2014 - Trujillo Alto, PR
Lebron stood out for his game performance, which was strong on both sides of the ball. He has a strong, accurate arm behind the plate and shifts and blocks well defensively.

Yordany Salva - C - 2014 - Vega Alta, PR
Salva is on the smaller side at 5-foot-9, 170-pounds but is very quick behind the plate with compact actions and sound fundamentals. His best pop time was 1.83. He's a switch-hitter at the plate with a consistent approach and some raw bat speed.

2015 Top Prospects

Michael Rivera - RHP - 2015 - Trujillo Alto, PR
Rivera was the only 2015 at the Caribbean Top but he showed he definitely belonged, topping out at 90 mph and consistently working in the upper 80's. He will have to improve his change up and upper 70's slider but he has a strong body and a sound delivery to build from.

2013 Caribbean Underclass Showcase

2015 Top Prospects

Nestor Muriel - OF - 2015 - Carolina, PR
Muriel stands out physically with his long limbed and projectable 6-foot-1, 170-pound build and has an outstanding arm in right field to go with 6.96 speed. He flashes good bat speed and will continue to improve with additional strength.

Alexis Omar Diaz - RHP - 2015 - Naguabo, PR
Diaz is the brother of Mariners top prospect RHP Edwin Diaz and is very talented in his own right. He topped out at 88 mph from a tall, mechanically sound delivery with good downhill angle to the plate. His curveball and changeup both showed promise.

Yomar Valentin - SS - 2015 - Manati, PR
Valentin is a very polished player and attended Montverde Academy in Florida as a sophomore before returning to Puerto Rico this year. He's a switch-hitter with quick hands and surprising bat speed from the right side and a very good defensive middle infielder.

Kevin Edgardo Rivera Rodríguez - 3B - 2015 - Cayey, PR
Rivera stood out at the plate during both batting practice and the games and graded out as the top hitter at the showcase. He has good arm strength at third base but will have to improve his overall defensive skills to remain at the position.

Luis Diaz-Santa - 2B - 2015 - Bayamón, PR
Diaz-Santa had solid physical tools with a 6.95 sixty and 85 mph arm strength but it was his switch-hitting ability that stood out. He has bat speed from both sides of the plate and could develop some power in the future.

Victor Valentin - C - 2015 - Manati, PR
Valentin has a quick left handed bat and the ball comes off his barrel hard. He posted the quickest pop time in drills at 1.86. Softening his hands and improving his blocking skills will be his next challenge.

Jean Carlos Rosario Terrell - 3B - 2015 - Manati, PR
Rosario and fellow third base prospect Kevin Rivera are very similar prospects. Rosario is an advanced right handed hitter with solid present bat speed and nice overall hitting fundamentals whose defense still needs work.

Erik Rodriguez - OF - 2015 - Carolina, PR
Rodriguez' basic tools stand out as he ran a 6.64 and threw 90 mph from the outfield and he caused havoc on the bases with his plus speed and aggressiveness. He's a left handed hitter with a slashing swing that will need some adjustments but he has good barrel skills.

Orley Arellano - OF - 2015 - Manati, PR
Arellano is on the small side at 5-foot-8, 150-pounds but put on a show defensively in the outfield, using his 6.76 speed and quick jumps to the ball to make multiple outstanding catches. He makes solid contact from the left side at the plate and will continue to improve as he gets stronger.

Christian Reyes - 2B - 2015 - Toa Baja, PR
Reyes is a high energy player who was all over the field making plays on defense and seemed to be on base all the time as well. He looked good at both shortstop and second base and his aggressiveness is a plus at the plate.

Austin Figueroa - RHP - 2015 - Gurabo, PR
Figueroa showed very good arm strength, pitching at 86-88 mph in his first inning of work and showing the ability to throw his fastball to spots. He's 5-foot-11 and pitches with some drop and drive in his delivery, making his fastball a bit flat, so he'll have to learn to get more movement on the pitch.

Jose M. Ramos - C - 2015 - Cayey, PR
Ramos had well rounded skills and tools on both offense and defense, which stood out at an event where most players were further advanced in one aspect of the game or another. He has the strength to hit and hit with power from the right side.

Jonathan Rosado - RHP - 2015 - Bayamon, PR
Rosado was one of the stronger players at the event and showed tools on both sides of the ball. He topped out at 84 mph on the mound and flashed some depth on his slider while showing lots of raw bat speed and power potential at the plate.

Jorge Luis Martinez - C - 2015 - Barranquitas, PR
Martinez has a solid 6-foot-1, 180-pound build that has enough present strength to drive the ball at the plate. His best tools was his arm strength, which measured out at 80 mph, and he was solid overall defensively.

2016 Top Prospects

Jose Layer - OF - 2016 - San Juan, PR
Layer is only a 2016 but is a very promising athlete and prospect. He ran a 6.94 and threw 87 mph in drills and showed lots of natural hitting ability with the beginnings of some present bat speed. He could develop into a high ceiling talent and may have been the top prospect at the showcase.

Jonathan Ortiz - RHP - 2016 - Caguas, PR
Ortiz showed two very solid pitches for a youngster in a 82-84 mph fastball he threw for consistent strikes and a 72 mph slurve type breaking ball that had tight spin. He has a long, loose arm and is going to continue to improve.

Vincent Ramos - OF - 2016 - Toa Baja , Levittown, PR
Ramos still has a ways to go with the bat but he's an outstanding athlete, with 6.62 speed and an 86 mph throwing arm, both outstanding for his age. His 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame has plenty of room to add strength.

Javier Valentin-Rodriguez - RHP - 2016 - Manati, PR
Valentin is a big, strong 6-foot-1, 210-pound right hander who could end up being a very hard thrower in a couple of years. He topped out at 85 mph with a short, quick arm action.

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