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Friday, July 06, 2012

Bodyweight Management

Kevin Barr        
Photo: Perfect Game

Bodyweight-Management for Baseball-Players

•  Baseball players above or below ideal playing-weight increase injury-risk & cannot reach baseball-potential.

•  Young baseball players’ height & weight should be checked by health professional.

•  Proper nutrition program & baseball specific training program are required for maintaining ideal bodyweight.

•  Baseball players must balance amount of energy required by body with amount of food-energy consumed.


•  Caloric-requirements are different for each baseball player & are determined by age, weight, & activity-level.

•  Baseball players require 2500-2900 calories per day.

•  Non-athletes require 2000-2200 calories per day.

•  Bodyweight changes occur due to imbalance between caloric-expenditure & intake.

•  If caloric-intake exceeds requirements, calories stored as fat.

•  If caloric-intake does not meet energy-requirements, muscle-loss occurs.

•  Physical activity controls caloric-balance equation by burning excess calories

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