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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simpson: Believe in Arizona State

Allan Simpson        
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With college baseball season approaching, the Perfect Game Top 25 rankings were released earlier this week. But with a staff of writers with decades of experience covering college baseball, opinions throughout the organization are guaranteed to differ.

That’s where guru Allan Simpson enters the equation.

Simpson is one of the original internet pioneers in college baseball and has his own take on the college baseball landscape.

Simpson, Director of PG Crosschecker, strongly believes Arizona State will overcome public opinion to have another stellar season, while he also gives strong credence to the squads Connecticut and St. John’s have this season, as evidenced by his ranking them No. 8 and No. 19, respectively.

Simpson and PG National Scouting Director David Rawnsley will contribute college baseball content throughout the 2011 season and beyond.

1. Florida
2. Arizona State
3. Vanderbilt
5. TCU
6. Texas
7. Oklahoma
8. Connecticut
9. Clemson
10. Cal State Fullerton
11. Oregon
12. Stanford
13. Florida State
14. South Carolina
15. Virginia
16. Texas A&M
17. Miami (Fla.)
18. Rice
19. St. John’s
20. LSU
21. Coastal Carolina
22. Wichita State
23. Florida International
24. Auburn
25. Georgia Tech
26. Arizona
27. North Carolina
28. UC Irvine
29. California
30. Baylor
31. Fresno State
32. Oregon State
33. Arkansas
34. Louisville
35. College of Charleston
36. Mississippi
37. Washington State
38. Kent State
39. San Diego
40. UC Riverside
41. Alabama
42. N.C. State
43. Kentucky
44. Southern Mississippi
45. Minnesota
46. Oklahoma State
47. Liberty
48. Kansas State
49. Florida Atlantic
50. East Carolina

Allan Simpson is the Director of Perfect Game Crosschecker. He can be reached at

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