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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 7/13/2023


Kia Lane     



Kai Lane @scoutlane11

Morgan Rignell (2026 Greenwood, MO) of Top Gun 08 was named MVPlayer in the 14u PG Scouting Showcase. The middle infielder and right-handed pitcher lead the way this weekend offensively. Rignell's overall batting average was 0.706; in her 12 hits total, she had nine singles, two doubles, and a triple; she struck out zero times, earned six runs, and gained 11 RBI for Top Gun. Morgan's batting approach is simple yet effective, and she is looking for pitches in her wheelhouse, which is the plate's inside. She stays within her legs, generating power, and consistently makes solid contact with the ball during her at-bats. Rignell is an athlete with much potential to excel in her softball career! 

Kya Yoakum (2027 Iberia, MO) of the Select Fastpitch 13u Dragon had a fantastic weekend at the plate; the 5'4 lefty had an overall batting average of 0.563; in her 16 at-bats, and she racked up nine hits, including four singles, two doubles, two home runs, seven runs, and four RBI. Kya is a dependable part of the select line-up, consistent with her pitch selection. She is developing the ability to widen her strike zone with two strikes. However, she does a great job of jumping on the pitch she wants early in the count and squaring it up effectively. 

Gabby Frantz (2027 Olathe, KS), the right-handed catcher for the Select Fastpitch-Waters, averaged 0.467 at the plate this weekend in her 15 at-bats Frants hit two singles, four doubles, one home run, and 8 RBI. Gabby is 5'7, strong and athletic, and defensively she is an asset behind the plate for her team. Frantz is developing into a well-rounded catcher; her hand-eye coordination and ability to block pitches in the dirt and make accurate throws to other bases make her stand out. She does the little things right; framing, blocking, and leading her team. 

Molly Jones (2027 Grain Valley, MO) was named MVPitcher in the 14u PG Scouting Showcase; the right-handed pitcher (and utility player) gained a staggering 57 outs in her 19 innings pitched, including 19 strike-outs. Jones stands at 5'9; her length allows her to explode off the mound closing the distance between her and the batter. Molly is developing her rhythm and routine as a pitcher; this is personal but important for each athlete. Before delivering the pitch, she collects herself, gets the sign from her pitcher, breathes, loads, and goes. I like that she is consistent in this pattern. Being able to show emotion but staying within yourself is a quality that is important to exercise in pitchers. 

Kyler Demel (2024 Derby, KS) was named MVPlayer in the 18u PG Elite Scouting Showcase. Demel's agility and quick reflexes make her a vital asset to her team's defense. She consistently made impressive plays in the outfield; in particular, her arm strength and accuracy when throwing to the infield is one of her athleticism highlights. Demel plays for the Kansas Renegades Paull-Forney, who won the 18u division. Offensively her batting average was 0.563; she had nine hits, six singles, two doubles, one home run, seven runs scored, and twelve RBI. Demel hits with power in the Renegade line-up; she is reliable with runners on base and is a large part of the offensive success of her team. 

Mandy Brown (2023 Grain Valley, MO) was named MVPlayer in the 18u PG Elite Scouting Showcase; the Rockhurst commit throws right-handed and is 5'10 tall. Brown's energy in the circle is one that her team can feed off of. She has a rise ball that she can place at different places in the strike zone; for example, it can be at the hands of the batter or thrown above the hands of one or two strikes if the batter is chasing high pitches. Brown also mixes speeds with her change-up, and her curve spin makes it challenging for her competition to square up. The pitcher for the Athletics, Russel 18u, had an ERA of 1.80 over 23.1 innings pitched, acquiring 33 strike-outs and consistently throwing 59-61 MPH. 

Bre McMurtry (Bellevue, NE) of the NE Gold Jarzobski, the 5'8 right-handed pitcher and middle infielder, is a powerhouse offensively. Bre sports a broad, slightly open stance in the box; she utilizes her power and strength in her legs and the extension of her wrists to drive the ball where it is pitched. She has a solid approach when in the box; she is disciplined and does not swing and miss often; if she is hitting foul balls, they are to keep her in the at-bat until one is pitched so she can square up. In her 16 bats, McMurty hit six singles, two doubles, and four home runs, gained seven runs, and had nine RBI. Bre is reliable in her line-up, consistent, and dangerous at the plate.