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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 5/17/2023

Perfect Game Softball Bear Creek Dusty Wilson Memorial

Dave Durbala     

HANNIBAL, MO – 2023 14u and 18u Perfect Game Softball Bear Creek Dusty Wilson Memorial One Day, May 14, 2023.

Twenty-one teams, over both divisions came out to show what they had and to take home the tournament championship.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans with a late afternoon shower that halted the tournament before completion of the semifinals.  Although the weather eventually won out, there were some strong performances put on display throughout the morning and early afternoon.


Jaylyn Piggott (2027 Iberia, MO) was an athletic RHP for 573 Elite. Piggott, with a full complement of pitches that included fastball, change-up, screw, curve and drop did a nice job of keeping hitters off balanced with change of speed and movement, not allowing many balls to get barreled up. With good delivery movement and arm swing, Piggott, without the use of radar, appeared to sit in the low 50 mph range, but does project to picking up velocity, with continued work as she matures and gains strength.  At the plate, Piggott demonstrated good use of her lower half and showed the ability to drive the ball for extra base hits. Here is a good follow for programs looking for a two-way player, who should only get better over the next four years with continued work, and dedication to her craft.

Layla Longnecker (2027 Hardin, IL) is a gamer, and what Longnecker lacks in size, she makes up for it in intensity and understanding of the game.  At the plate, hitting from the right side, she utilizes good movement to gain separation and does not get cheated with her swing. Longnecker showed the ability to get the barrel through the zone, and drive the ball gap to gap, for extra base hits. Running aggressive on the basepaths, she looks to pick up extra bases whenever the defense allows it, assisting her Lady Warriors team by getting into scoring position.

Ryleigh Damschroeder (2026 Marthasville, MO) is a LHP for Midwest Intensity 08. Keeping things simple, utilizing a three-pitch mix of fastball, change-up, and curve, Damschroeder showed the ability to pitch to locations and hit spots, to keep hitters off balance. Relying on her curve ball to run in on right-handed batters, and taking just enough speed off with her change up, Damschroeder was able to coax several weak ground balls as well as collect some strikeouts. As Damschroeder matures, and moves up age levels, she would benefit with the addition of a drop or rise, to help work all levels of the strike zone.

Maggie Lock (2027 Jefferson City, MO) is a RHH for 573 Elite. Lock, starting from a slightly open stance, gets back to parallel, while staying in her legs, and utilizes her lower half to make a good move to the softball. Lock was able to barrel up several pitches, and displays an attack angle that lends itself to keeping the ball off the ground. Unfortunately, Lock had the misfortune of hitting a couple right on the screws, but right at a defensive player.

Annie Wilson (2027 Hardin, IL) is a RHH middle infielder for Lady Warriors-Longnecker. The athletic Wilson, showed good pre-pitch movement in the field, and decent glove work in making all the routine plays.  At the plate, starting from a solid base, Wilson showed the ability to work the hands inside the ball, and with a fluid swing had the ball jumping off the barrel. As this young lady matures and gains strength, her ability to drive the ball out of the park may be on full display.

Macie Fisher (2024 Canton, MO) is a L/R OF for Midwest Extreme 18u. Although listed as an outfielder, the game I observed, Fisher was playing shortstop, and doing a good job of it. Pre-pitch, Fisher showed good movement, displayed the ability to cover ground and executed a beautiful swipe tag to get a runner attempting to steal second. At the plate, Fisher starts from a wide stance, with not much movement. She works her swing inside the ball, keeping her barrel on plane throughout the zone, resulting in her hitting line drives gap to gap. This would be a young lady to keep an eye on if you are needing a quality utility player.

Kenzie Koch (2026 Elsberry, MO) is a RHP for Nemo Hot Shots 16u-Dean. Koch, utilizing a five-pitch mix of fastball, change up, drop, screw and curve, may not have had her best outing when I observed her, but what I did see was a young lady that did not give in, and kept working. Koch came back in the second inning, and utilizing a very nice drop, was able to show some success against a very good team. Koch, as she matures and continues to work on her craft, will nail down her mechanics and make the necessary adjustments. She will gain velocity, which in turn will give her added spin rate for improved movement. Don’t sleep on this one, there were some tools on display, that will benefit a team at the next level in the next few years.

Shana Yates (2023 Clarksville, MO), pitching for Nemo Hot Shots 18u-Feldmann, brings a four-pitch bag into the circle. The RHP, utilizing a fastball, rise, curve and change up had success moving the ball throughout the zone and changing speed. Yates showed the ability to throw here pitches to either side of the plate, keeping hitters off balance. With a smooth, repeatable delivery and arm swing, Yates does not appear to be working hard while in the circle. Yates, a Washington University commit, has the tools to play at the next level and should be successful in that setting.

Mabry Caton (2026 Boonville, MO) is an OF, playing for the Outlaws. Caton, hitting from the left side, had a good set-up and approach at the plate. Utilizing a stride to get separation, Caton stayed parallel, kept her hands inside the ball, and did a good job of keeping her front side closed. Adding in a smooth swing with these mechanics, Caton was able to keep the barrel working through the zone for a longer period, allowing her to still barrel up pitches that she may have been fooled on. Caton appeared at her best when working the ball left center to center. With continued work, this young lady will have the opportunity to be successful at the next level.

Mia Faught (2027 Moberly, MO) is a RHP for the Outlaws, who displayed fluid movement and a consistent arm swing while working a four-pitch mix, that included a fastball, curve, rise and change up. Faught, showing a strong mental game, did not display any negative body language or allow things out of her control affect her pitching. Working both sides of the plate, Faught pitched to spots and was able to rely on hitters chasing her rise for several strike outs. Standing 5’ 9” tall, having long levers and with a maturity level above her age in the circle, this young lady, with continued work on her craft, will have the ability to pitch at the next level.

-       Dave Durbala