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Softball  | Softball Showcase  | 11/3/2022

PG Elite 40 KC Scout Notes

Photo: Perfect Game
Midwest teams came to battle for the title of champions from October 21-23 at the PG Elite 40 Scouting Showcase. With beautiful weather and turf fields, these young athletes were put in the best position to play some outstanding softball. Although every player on every team gave it their all, the KC Rebels 16U-Splittorff came out on top after an intense matchup with the Iowa Dynamite. The KC Rebels are home to our two MVPs of the tournament, Lucy Kennedy earned MV-Player and Leyla O’Connor earned MV-Pitcher.

Lucy Kennedy (2026, Stillwell, Kan.) is what I like to call a spark plug athlete. Lucy carries an energy that is contagious to her teammates, as she has a desire to make the big play and be involved in the intense moments of a softball game. Her athletic ability is apparent as she plays middle infield for The KC Rebels 16U-Splittorff, and she covers the entire 5-6 hole with ease and has a cannon for an arm. She is going all out for every ball hit in her direction and can backhand a ball behind third base and still get the runner out at first. Kennedy was named MV-Player of the tournament.

Leyla O’Connor (2025, Bennington, Neb.) was named MV-Pitcher of the weekend. O’Connor's composure and selfless attitude makes her a valuable pitcher, as she goes to the circle to do a job and no matter what her coach needs from her, she is doing everything possible to make that happen. Leyla is a right-hander standing at 5-foot-6, pitching consistently 54-56 MPH, throwing a rise and a changeup for her strikeout pitches. She is not only a pitcher but plays third base and shortstop as well.

Tiffany Taylor (2028, Des Moines, Iowa) is a younger athlete in this tournament, but she is a powerhouse that I can only see getting stronger as she develops as a player. Taylor is already throwing consistently in the 60-62 MPH range, and she has a changeup, screw and her go-to strikeout pitch was her rise ball; the pitch rises just above the hands of the batter as it enters the zone and is extremely effective with two strikes. Not only is Taylor a strong pitcher, but she is also a stud at third base and at the plate. She is a power hitter, and she had multiple home runs on the weekend.

Priscilla Roemmich (2026, West Des Moines, Iowa) is a player who thrives in the leadoff position, as she is extremely athletic and quick, and is a threat at the plate being so fast she can drop a bunt and beat the throw to first. She is also a powerful hitter and makes solid contact with the ball each time, and is making connections with the ball more than she is swinging and missing and has home run strength. She also pitches and plays center field for the Iowa Dynamite.

Bailey Hummel (2025, Raymore, Mo.), a catcher for Top Gun Gold KC, is a strong and reliable athlete to have behind the plate. She stands at 5-foot-9 and has a solid softball IQ and understanding of situational plays and how to lead her team on the field. She frames well for her pitcher, works hard, and blocks effectively. She has a strong throw from her knees to second base and caught multiple runners stealing at second this weekend.

Ezra Medrano (2025, Greenwood, Mo.), an outfielder for Top Gun Gold KC, has an incredible presence as she enters the batter's box. She understands her swing and what pitches she is looking to drive; she is patient at the plate as she waits for a pitch in her zone and then capitalizes. She hits left-handed and throws right, and she has a quick bat path to the ball, keeping her hands close to her body and a solid stance as she encounters the pitch. She stays long throughout the zone and hits the ball hard every time. She is selective, confident, and works hard with two strikes.

-Kai Lane