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All American Game  | Story  | 8/3/2022

Clemmey Excited For Classic Competition

Blake Dowson     
Photo: Alex Clemmey (Perfect Game)
Alex Clemmey can’t wait to get out to Phoenix to pitch in the Perfect Game All-American Classic.

That’s where the best baseball players in his class will be, after all, so where else would he want to be?

“I’m a competitor,” Clemmey said. “I want to go out there and face the best. I’d rather face Max [Clark] and all those guys every single day than face teams that we are just going to blow out.”

Clemmey would’ve ran down to St. Petersburg, Florida if he had been told that was the only way to get to Perfect Game’s National Showcase from his home state of Rhode Island. Luckily, there were flights available.

The left-hander pitched against the best hitters in the country at PG National, just how he likes it, and impressed every scout in attendance.

Clemmey set the tone immediately, striking out Kendall George on three pitches, all fastballs. Throughout the course of his two-inning stint, he battled against No. 1 overall prospect Maxwell Clark, No. 4 Aidan Miller, and No. 9 Blake Mitchell, eventually sending each of them back to the dugout with an additional out in hand.

He knew heading into PG National that if he threw well, there was a shot of him making the All-American roster. When his work was done, he felt good about it. He had worked his fastball up to 94 mph from the left side, showed impressive spin metrics on both his fastball and slider, and he felt really good about how he competed.

“I threw well at [17u] WWBA, and I thought if I threw well at PG National, I think I have a good shot at making the team,” Clemmey said. “I think I threw pretty well. Couple walks, one hit, couple strikeouts, and I faced a really good lineup that I think I held my own against.”

He was working out when he got the call that he made the All-American roster.

He gets another chance to compete against the best. As one of the best.

“It’s a dream come true,” Clemmey said. “My goal was to push every day and strive for this, to be an All-American. This is the best kids in the country fighting for that spot. I think I’ve done my job fighting for that spot. When you look at it, out of all the kids in high school who are playing baseball, it’s like .001 percent who make the All-American. I’m proud of myself, I think the hard work is finally paying off.”

Clemmey is certainly dedicated to his craft. He attends Bishop Hendricken in Warwick, Rhode Island, a top-50 team in the Perfect Game High School Rankings this year, where he has been surrounded by Division I talent his entire career. That helps, sharing a weight room and dugout with like-minded players.

For Clemmey, he said, it’s about showing up day after day and being the same person, putting the work, and making conscious decisions toward his development.

“I’ve always told myself that if I do this every single day, and I grind, I’ll get better,” he said. “If you do the things you need to do to be successful, you’ll be successful…Consistency is key. I was consistent throughout the offseason, making sure I was staying on track with my throwing, my lifting, my eating, being healthier to put on weight. It wasn’t one thing that got me here, it was consistency through all those key things.”