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Softball  | Softball Showcase  | 6/17/2022

PG Softball Elite 40 Scout Notes

Brianna Brooks     
Photo: Perfect Game
Twenty-nine teams from all over came to Shawnee, Kan. to compete in PG’s Elite 40 Scouting Showcase for the 16U Division. This was a three-day event that tested for true grit in each of the athletes. 144 games were played from Friday through Sunday. PSA Fastpitch 16U took home the title after fighting through Championship Sunday. PSA went undefeated through pool play.

Dani Lee (2025, McLouth, Kan.) led the way for the PSA Fastpitch 16U offense, going 3-for-4 with one double, one home run, and two runs scored in the championship game. Lee hit .619 through seven games and was named MV-Player alongside her teammate, Madalen Tanner (2024, Lenexa, Kan.) who was named MV-Pitcher for the tournament. She finished the weekend with 13 hits and a .619 average including four singles, seven doubles, one triple, and one home run. She helped the cause with eight runs and 12 RBI. Lee also held her team defensively in the circle as a right-handed pitcher. This new sophomore pitched 23 innings, throwing in 59-62 mph velocity. Her curveball helped to sit down 29 batters, only walking four, earning a 1.17 WHIP.

Nebraska Gold – Ruhl came to compete this weekend and fought their way to the championship game, going 2-0 in pool play. NE Gold – Ruhl allowed only one run, outscoring opponents 17-1 to start the tournament. In the end, they took home runner-up. Halle Pribnow (2024, Elkhorn, Neb.) led her team through championship Sunday in the circle. Pribnow puts a ton of movement being her pitches, working both up and out. This righty was producing 55-57 mph velocity with a fantastic rise and curve. Pribnow threw 21 innings, striking out 25 batters, earning a 0.98 WHIP. Keep an eye out for this incoming all-star.

Colorado Batbusters made their presence known in Shawnee, Kan. with two elite teams that were both highly competitive and packed with serious talent. This organization stands out for their elite pitching staff. Brooklynn Cardenas (2025, Firestone, Colo.), pitcher for the 16U squad, has a fantastic future in college softball. Cardenas just finished her freshman year and currently producing 58-62 mph velocity in a four-plus pitch repertoire, each with significant movement. Her best pitches are a jumpy riseball and a late-breaking curve that finds the river. In 17 innings, Cardenas struck out 26 batters, earning a 1.08 WHIP. Cardenas sat down 12 batters in a single game. Top prospect for college softball.

Teammate and incoming junior Mackenzie Ferguson (2024, Arvada, Colo.) is a 5-foot-10 righty who generates 58-60 mph velocity with a four-plus pitch variation that completely shuts it down. Also with a lively rise and cutting curve, Ferguson worked through 24 innings, striking out 26 batters, earning a 1.11 WHIP. In the box, Ferguson is a switch-hitter with a level cut, square contact, and reaches full extension to produce line drives.

Offensively for CO Batbusters 16U, Makenzie Sais (2024, Fort Lupton, Colo.) led the team as a sneaker lefty slapper, who knows how to put the ball in play. Sais is an elite runner and stands out for her above-average speed and high running IQ as shown in her nine stolen bases. Sais put down 15 hits, pushing in 5 runs, and touching home 12 times. Sais earned a .581 OBP for the weekend.

Absolutely owning the circle this weekend was Charlotte Morgan (2025, Parker, Colo.). This 5-foot-10 righty hurls in 57-58 mph speed with pitch variation that works all areas of the zone. Morgan keeps the ball just on the end of the zone with four-pitch variation and creates playable outs in the field, with pop up outs. Morgan led the tournament in strikeouts, having shutdown 35 batters in 21 innings. Morgan allowed only seven walks this tournament, earning a 0.86 WHIP. Morgan is among the best in the Midwest. Huge prospect.

Cameron Soldner (2023, Overland Park, Kan.) is a solid utility player for KC Rebels 16A Soldner. This elite two-way player has a strong bat, driving her lower half through, with plus pop for power. Soldner racked up 11 hits including five singles and six doubles. She always has great zone awareness, being a pitcher, with four walks. She helped the cause with five runs and nine RBI. In the circle, Soldner works consistently in the 56-57 mph range and complemented her fastball with a slicing curveball that clipped the corner. Soldner powered through 22 innings, striking out 23 opponents.

Natalie Klenda (2024, Wichita, Kan.) of 316 Elite 16U is a standout two-way player. In the box, she presents a smooth connection with quick hip rotation and consistently solid feel for the barrel. In a single game against the Tomahawks, she went 4-for-4, successful in each of her at-bats, as shown in this weekend’s stats. Klenda collected 15 hits including 11 singles, one double, one triple, and two home runs. Klenda can put the ball in all depths of the field, knocking in four RBI, and crossing the plate 10 times. In the circle, Klenda is a righty who works the outside river, putting out 54-55 mph velocity, capitalizing on both her stellar rise and curve.

Kadence Armstrong (2024, Bryant, Ark.) of 3n2 Sticks Softball is a righty who produces massive movement in the circle, leaving her hard to touch. Armstrong worked through 11 innings, allowing only three hits, and walking only four. She successfully struck out 27 batters, earning a 0.60 WHIP. Armstrong racked up comparable stats to pitchers who doubled her circle appearances.

-Brianna Brooks

Abreya Perry (2026, Valley Center, Kan.) from the Kansas Renegades 14U is a player any coach would be incredibly lucky to have; she is a playmaker. She has speed and range enabling her to cover the entire gap, soft hands and a quick pop time making her a talented shortstop. She pushes through ground balls and has solid fielding fundamentals. She is a young lady who gets the energy going on the field and keeps it going as leadoff for the Renegades. The ability to adjust at the plate shows her understanding of hitting fundamentals as well. She throws right-handed and batting left-handed. She is patient at the plate and is a spark plug - when she gets on base, she is likely to score. She also carries power, averaging .526 with 2 home runs on the weekend.

Keira Stripling (2025, Wichita, Kan.) is a left-handed pitcher and outfielder for the 316 Elite 14U. Stripling is a consistent pitcher, ranging from her fastball coming in at 58 mph, and her changeup at 53 mph. She uses her legs well when pitching, pushing off the mound for power. She keeps her opponent on their toes, using her strikeout pitch, a rise, making them chase up in the zone. She fields her position, moving well to the right and left of the mound and all around is a reliable player. Stripling also performed well at the plate this weekend, averaging .429 with 1 home run. She has enormous potential to succeed at even higher levels of softball in her career.

Jada Daye (2026, West Des Moines, Iowa) of the Nebraska Gold 515- Dillinger 14U is a player who is well on her way to being a D-I softball player. She averaged .565 at the plate this weekend. Daye is a player who, as a coach, you can count on to make a play. Her fielding fundamentals are outstanding, she does the little things right all the time, and it enables her to make the big plays that matter most. She throws and bats on the right-hand side. From the infield to behind the plate she is in control of the game, and she is a leader. With her speed and agility, quick transitions, glove work, on top of her bat, she is going to be great.

Samantha Gripp (2027, Indianola, Iowa) is a 5-foot-6 pitcher for Iowa Gold 14U who had an ERA of 2.00 this weekend in the PG Elite 40 tournament. Samantha threw a screwball and a changeup to accompany her fastball. She was throwing her top speed of 56 mph and her changeup came in at 47 mph. She has strong legs and pushes off the mound well as she is pitching. Gripp can hit her spots, her screwball produces ground balls for her infield, making her a great pitcher to play behind.

Elleigh Tarpley (2026, Wichita, Kan.) is a catcher and second baseman for the Kansas Renegades 14U who had an incredible weekend, earning her the MVP in the PG Elite 40 scouting showcase. Tarpley is a catcher who knows softball, as she effectively directed her team on who and where to throw the ball during plays. She knows the role of the catcher well - she calls out each situation before the play and is confident and that translates to how she plays. Elleigh has a strong arm and quick pop time on her throwdowns to second base and her snaps to first and third. She is a pitcher’s catcher, sticking each pitch and framing the ball beautifully. Also had success at the plate this weekend, hitting .429. 

Pilar Cox (2025, Leon, Kan.) of the Kansas Renegades 14U played her best softball and earned the MV-Pitcher of the PG Elite 40 Scouting Showcase. She has a great demeanor in the circle, and she is confident in her pitching, always talking about the next play and makes it easy to play the field behind her. She has a screw, rise, change and a drop ball. All her pitches are effective, as she has tight spin, and averaged 54-57 mph. Pilar’s ERA is an impressive 0.96 with 4 wins and 9 strike-outs. Cox did not stop there, as she had a double, 2 RBI and a weekend batting average of .400. She is a player who is just going to keep getting better.