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Softball | Softball Tournament | 10/15/2021

Midwest Fall State Scout Notes

Photo: Perfect Game
The fall softball season is in full swing, as this past weekend the Perfect Game Midwest Fall State got underway, which featured many talented players and teams across two age groups and three divisions. These teams and players squared off against each other in a highly-competitive five-game schedule at Mid-America West sports complex in Shawnee, Kan.

The Team Kansas-Hooper squad is full of standout players that will no doubt have a great impact on the game in the future. Kaylee Wood (2027, Wellsville, Kan.) is one of those players. Making strong, solid contact through the zone is the norm for Kaylee. Quick hands and a strong lower half help drive the ball to all fields.

Maryn Dean (2027, Overland Park, Kan.) plays first base for Team Kansas and displays an advanced, disciplined approach at the dish. She waits for her pitch, sees it and makes solid contact with a good feel for the barrel with each at-bat.

Team Kansas shortstop Zoe Church (2027, DeSoto, Kan.) has a bat plane that raises through the zone at the point of contact creating line drives all over the field. Consistent contact makes Zoe a tough out with each plate appearance.

Addison Maier (2027, Shawnee, Kan.) of Team Kansas is an outfielder who saves runs with her ability to cover ground and tracking fly balls that normally would equate to hits. At the plate, she has a feel for the contact point making her a tough out, coupled with her plus speed makes her a threat to score each time she gets on base.

Team Kansas right-handed pitcher Haylee Bauer (2026, Topeka, Kan.) was keeping hitters off balance and guessing all day long. She has a four-pitch mix using each pitch effectively. Whether down in the count or ahead 0-2, Haylee could use any pitch to get an out or set up a hitter. When a hitter would make contact, Haylee fields her position with poise and authority.

The MC Creepers team caused nightmares for pitchers all tournament long. Sladyr Duncan (2026, St. Joseph, Mo.) was a force at the plate all weekend. This catcher/utility player uses her quick hands to explode to the point of contact at the plate. Her upward-planed bat path does the rest of the work and the “POP” can be heard around the cloverleaf. Sladyr demonstrated an elite-level pop time of 2.08 keeping runners and double plays in order.

Erica Spiker (2026, St Joseph, Mo.) was another standout player for the Creepers. Erica has a true hard-hitting bat plane as she sprays the ball to all parts of the field. Her above-average speed turns singles into doubles and errors into runs as she sees the field exceptionally well.

Her Creepers teammate Kaylee Browning (2025, Topeka, Kan.) hit her spots from the circle. Kaylee was commanding and controlling all her pitches to all quadrants, making hitters swing and miss all tournament long. This Topeka Seaman high school freshman has a bright future and will only progress as she matures.

KC Bandits (07/08) club had a great showing making it all the way to the semifinals. Several players contributed to the Bandits' success, including Grace Denning (2026, Olathe, Kan.). Her smooth, powerful swing made things easy for her Bandit coaches and difficult for the opposing teams. Once on base, Grace was a threat to score with her smart baserunning.

Kenley Sutton (2028, Gardner, Kan.), a left-handed pitcher for the Bandits, was a dual threat. Kenley had an approach at the plate that is hard to teach. In the on-deck circle you can see Kenley planning the at-bat, watching the sequence of pitches to figure out her pitch. Once at the plate, Kenley implements her play and goes to work. Effortless power and firm contact were usually the result. On the other side of the ball, Kenley was effective to all quadrants. Setting hitters up with an 0-2 explosive rise, if she did not get the hitter to chase, she went after them with a swing-and-miss drop change.

The Rockets play was fun to watch and got better as the tournament went along, evident by their first place finish on Sunday. Avery Rupp (2025, Topeka, Kan.) was crucial in their championship run. This 5-foot-9 freshman used her glove work at first base to make potential errors into outs. At the plate, Avery used her strong hands and smooth swing to lift the ball on line drives to all fields.

-Russ Wohler

Left-handed catcher Alesa Kastle (2026, Lees Summit, Mo.) of Originals 08, with a strong arm, threw some unexpected throws to first catching runners off guard and was able to snag an out with this strategy. Her quick arm was key in gaining an out for her team on a steal to second base. Her framework was an advantage in grabbing strikes for her team. Her ability to see the ball was carried to the batter’s box with a multitude of up-the-middle hits.
Ava Bush (2026, Columbia, Mo.) of Originals 08 had a standout bat with a strong athletic stance in the box. She met the middle of the ball with two home runs in back-to-back games Friday night. She knocked in 11 runs on Friday and Saturday. Her feel for the barrel was consistent all weekend. Her strong bat shows next-level potential in her years to come.
A right-handed pitcher with a long windup, Lucia Trevino (2026, Independence, Mo.) of Top Gun 08 threw a powerful rise ball that often ended with a swing-and-miss to gain her team outs. She played the zone well, hitting her spots accurately. Her aggressive baserunning helped her team in adding in a run when she unexpectedly stole home. She totaled six stolen bases Friday and Saturday. She often was able to find the ball at bat with line drive shots.
Addilyn Wooster (2026, Holden, Mo.) of Top Gun 08 had a consistent bat with a great feel for the barrel. She often was meeting the middle of the ball with a hit to bring three runs in when bases were loaded. Her bat was a big help in contributing to four wins in a row for her team. The right-handed pitcher with an athletic build and quick windup showed promising movement in her pitches along with accuracy to add in the mix as an effective pitcher.
Ainsley McMullen (2027, Blue Springs, Mo.) of Top Gun 08 had reliable contact with the ball throughout the tournament. Each time she was hitting the middle of the ball with hard contact with two doubles and a triple Saturday. Her aggressive baserunning gave her the advantage to steal two bases Saturday.  
Right-handed pitcher Lily Pullen (2027, Oskaloosa, Kan.) of Mac n Seitz Thunder had a quick windup and exceptional form, and was an all-around notable pitcher with movement and accuracy in her pitches to help her control the game at the mound. She had a break in the ball that really stuck out from the mix to win her swing-and-miss strikes. She painted corners to her advantage. Promising future for the right-handed pitcher.
Tanna Howe (2026, Warsaw, Mo.) of KC Peppers 07 had quick feet on and off the bases. The right-handed shortstop showed a smooth transition glove-to-hand and a quick arm to follow. Her consistent middle-of-the-ball hits helped her on base to use her aggressive baserunning to gain bases throughout the game.
-Rachel Klipper

The Kc Peppers 07 came ready to play and win State this year. Jazmyn Brown (2026, Holden, Mo.), the right-handed pitcher, was named the MV-Pitcher for the tournament, and it was well deserved. The pitcher consistently hit the high-50s on her pitches and then came in with a beautiful off-speed that floated right in the zone. On Friday, Brown had bases loaded with no outs and she came through for her team and got three back-to-back strikeouts. Brown was also a runner you didn’t want on base against you, as she showed great speed and many stolen bases over the weekend. Along with pitching, Brown showed great defensive skill in left field with a few catches to keep her opponents from scoring.
Madison Dudok (2026, Blue Springs, Mo.), a left-handed pitcher also with the Kc Peppers 07, was a force to be reckoned with offensively and defensively. Along with her teammate Brown, she had an amazing off-speed pitch that was thrown in the mix to fool many batters. Dudok played her position well in the circle with a nice line drive catch on Saturday with the immediate pop ready to throw to any base. Offensively, Dudok was who you wanted up in clutch situation. She proved that on Saturday with her team down 4-0 in the last inning, two outs and one runner on, Dudok hit a homer over the left field fence to get the rally started for her team. On Sunday, Dudok had a few more shots to tally up some more RBI over the weekend.
Also with the Kc Peppers, Mackenzie Turney (2026, Blue Springs, Mo.) showed she knew how to make things happen offensively for her team. On Friday night, Turney started off with a line drive double to left field to result in two RBI. On Saturday, Turney came up behind Dudok in the 4-2 ball game and hit a back-to-back homer also over the left field fence, to bring the score to 4-3. Turney was a very well-disciplined batter and always worked the count when she was in the batters box.
State finalists Mac n Seitz Thunder had a great showing this weekend as well. Right-handed pitcher Brooklyn Bertoncino (2026, Kansas City, Mo.) came to work the strike zone this weekend. She had great moments of back-to-back strikeouts to keep runners from scoring. Sunday was Bertoncino's shining moment of the weekend. In the semifinals game, the Thunder were the home team and time had expired, as Bertoncino came up with the game tied and did what she needed to do; she had a solid walk off line drive to right field to advance her team to the championship.
Charlotte Teddy (2025, Lenexa, Kan.) is great offensively when it comes to moving her teammates around. Teddy had multiple perfectly executed sac bunts this weekend to help get runners in scoring position. In the semifinal game on Sunday, Teddy had a hard hit grounder up the middle for a single and two RBI in the book. Teddy did what she needed to do to help her team get to where they finished.
Aly True (2026, Kansas City, Mo.) with Lady Sluggers 14U Lovelady showed great potential in the outfield. She had some strong throws to cutoffs and bases that were close for outs. Give her time and runners will think twice about taking an extra base when the ball is hit her way. True also has great strength offensively, as Friday she hit a bomb over the left fielder's head for a triple and two RBI.
Alex Couch (2026, Kansas City, Mo.) can take responsibility for starting the rally Friday night for the Lady Sluggers 14U Lovelady. Couch led off the inning and had an untouchable drive up the middle for a single. Couch showed some great speed as well with a few stolen bases to advancing to third on a sac bunt.

Delaney Riley (2026, Blue Springs, Mo.) with Originals 08 was doing work at shortstop this weekend. Riley had more than a few hard ground balls and line drives hit her way and she fielded them and made the plays without pause. Riley also had a few solid drives over the weekend and showed the lift in her barrel through the zone.
Morgan Ray (2026 Topeka, Kan.) with Kc Peppers 08 had a great feel for the barrel. She showed she knew what she was doing in the batters box Saturday with an off-the-fence shot to right-center, resulting in a double and an RBI. Give Ray another year and those will be over the fence. She shows great promise in the future.
Showing up for Sluggers White this weekend was Grace Quinn (2026, Kansas City, Kan.). The outfielder showed her speed running down fly balls and getting them in as quick as she could. Quinn also had a solid swing and an aggressive approach to the batters box. She walked up to the plate with so much confidence in what she could do. Saturday alone Quinn put up two extra-base drives to help her team score some runs.
Chloe Garrett ( 2026 Liberty, Mo.), also a part of Sluggers White, was just that, a slugger. Saturday morning Garrett had a solo homer over left field and her next at-bat hit it the opposite way with a line drive double to score her teammate.
-Molly Reyes

Ahlexis TenEyck (2026, Topeka, Kan.), a 5-foot-9 right-handed pitcher, commands the zone and throws strikes. This hurler is confident in her pitches and spins the ball well. She works early in the count and closes with a rise ball that finishes at the top of the zone. Offensively, she has a disciplined approach to the plate, with strong zone awareness and patience, who knows her plan at the plate. With a tall stance and quiet load, she presents explosive hands. An all-around solid prospect that will continue to mature in the game.
Behind the plate for the Rockets 14U is Addison Watson (2026, Osage City, Kan.). A confident player with high softball IQ, this catcher is quick behind the plate, with solid blocking fundamentals and a strong wrist in framing. She drives the ball well with power to the opposite field.
Taimane Isaia (2027, Topeka, Kan.) is a younger slugger who makes hard contact with gap-to-gap power. She is aggressive on higher pitches in the zone, while patient on lower. She knows her pitch and is aggressive with the lower half. A strong pull power hitter who sends it down the line. This third baseman tracks the ball well off the bat, keeping the ball in the infield and eliminating extra bases for runners.
Another team of impressive offensive power is Fire and Ice 14U, who took second this weekend. Samantha Dorsch (2026, Lees Summit, Mo.) is a 5-foot righty who has a massive presence at the plate. She has a quick, explosive swing with an elite pop on the ball. She is patient and times the ball well, sending it back up the middle for base hits. Fielding, this middle infielder has excellent range and moves well laterally.
Courtney Ely (2027, Blue Springs, Mo.) is a dynamite hitter who racked up some impressive numbers this weekend including a home run in the semifinals. This slugger presents a wider stance with strength in her bottom half. She has a smooth cut through the zone and strong feel for the barrel, with power to the middle of the field.
Chloe Hernandez (2026, Grain Valley, Mo.) is a shortstop for Fire and Ice who takes the ball to all areas of the field. She has a consistent bat path, fast hands, and a strong, balanced lower body. She jumps on the ball early in the count and has the ability to adjust later in the game to hit opposite field.
Makayla McConnell (2026, Belton, Mo.) is a 5-foot-5 utility player who clears her hips through an inside pitch and drives it deep into the outfield. She has fast hands and is aggressive early in the count with gap power. This hitter has a neutral stance, with strong rotation in her lower half, producing major pop for power results.
Fire and Ice’s right-handed pitcher Melanie Marcum (2027, Grain Valley, Mo.) is explosive off the mound, with a four-plus pitch variation. She aims to get ahead in the count, then work outside the zone to get batters chasing. She has tight spins that break late and impressive speed. She can work both high and low including a rise ball that finishes at the ceiling of the zone and a drop ball that produces ground balls.
Caitlyn Hoehns (2026, Blue Springs, Mo.) moves behind the plate and consistently blocks balls. More impressive is her fearlessness to throw the ball around and fake out runners. She has a plus-average pop time of 2.2 that catches runners on any hesitant step. Offensively, she finds a way to be productive in her at-bats, battles through the count, and gets the ball in play.

Karsyn Cahoon (2026, Webb City, Mo.) is an aggressive right-handed pitcher for Webb City Thunder. She has a quick, complete circle movement and targets the zone with consistently great spin and movement. She stands out for her late-breaking rise ball that shuts it down with a swing-and-miss. She is a great leadoff hitter who is confident in the box, has a hard fluid swing, and plays the game at a fast pace. Following in the lineup is Lily Hall (2026, Oronogo, Mo.). This 5-foot-2 hitter is solid in the box, goes with pitches, and drives the ball. She has excellent speed on the bases and strong baserunning IQ, hitting her leadoff in for an RBI and passing the pay station.
Cameran Clutchey (2026, Olathe, Kan.) is a defensive player who moves all over the field. She has massive glove side range, making her a huge competitor for shortstop. Her ability to track the ball off the bat gives her the advantage to make hard movements towards that 6-4 hole. She has a controlled load with powerful hips and hands through the zone. She completed full extension through contact, and her swing is flat through the plane.
Diamond Club Premier 12U is a young organization playing up in age groups. On the mound, Courtney James (2028, Excelsior Springs, Mo.) throws a diverse pitching combo with speed, spin, and late break movement. Her rise ball has batters chasing outside the zone and has an effective flip change. She has great stride length off the mound and hits the corners. Excited to see this 12U pitcher mature in her skills, huge prospect for the future of pitching.
-Brianna Brooks

A standout athlete from second base, Payton Hughes (2026, Blue Springs, Mo.) of the KC Ambush 08 is quick on her feet as she displayed grit and tenacity from the field. Showcasing true fundamentals up the middle, Payton charges the ball, executes clean flips to second to turn the double play and on many occasions, dove with great effort to attempt a foul ball. Up to bat from the left side, Payton has a mechanical “put the ball in play” type of swing and possesses above-average speed, often earning herself on base.

Another stand out athlete from KC Ambush 08 is Kaydence Garrett (2027, Lee Summit, Mo.). Working alongside Payton Hughes up the middle, Kaydence possesses solid fundamentals and a game-attentive IQ. Kaydence excels in quickness and speed, displaying her ability to charge the ball, execute front and backhand flips up the middle, and covers the gaps very well.

With a solid teammate duo to back her up behind the mound, pitcher Trinity Krause (2026, Blue Springs, Mo.) of the KC Ambush 08 throws with precision and speed. From the mound, Trinity has a low crouch and long windup, driving from her lower half and finishing with finesse. Trinity is attentive from the mound as she fields her position well, charging bunts and covering home on a passed ball.

MC Creepers is a talented group that has a collective future that shines with potential. From shortstop, to the mound, to behind the plate, the MC Creepers have exceptional athletes. Aubrey Rehmert (2026, Bland, Mo.) is inarguably a phenomenal athlete and softball player with great potential. The MC Creeper's shortstop has above-average speed and it shows both offensively and on defense. Aubrey showcased her ability to cover the middle of the field in all aspects, from cleanly fielding forehand ground balls in front of second base to catching deep pop-ups in the 5-6 hole. Aubrey has standout athletic abilities that should continue to progress in time.

Rylee Zimmerman (2027, Paola, Kan.) from the mound and Madison Woodruff (2025, Shawnee, Kan.) behind the plate makes for an MC Creepers standout, pitcher-catcher duo. From the mound, Madison throws with strength and strategy, showcasing a true breakaway rise ball. Assisting behind the dish, Rylee has a quick pop-up stance and strong arm as she throws with accuracy, hitting her target often. Rylee’s ability to make quick decisions and pull the trigger with ease allows her to pick runners off and throw them out on the basepaths.

The KC Bandits 07/08 is another standout team with rising potential. Emma Heinemann (2026, Olathe, Kan.) is a true two-way player as she leads her team from the mound and assists them around the basepaths up to bat. Emma executes the plan well, hitting her spots in all quadrants. From the right side of the plate, she is a power hitter with speed.

Another KC Bandits 07/08 power hitter is Addyson Lago (2026, Olathe, Kan.). With a wide stance and a smooth, true bat path through the zone, Addyson is a right-handed power hitter that assisted her team with multiple base hits.  

-Brooklynn Sumonja
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