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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big News for WWBA 15u National Championship Participants

3PSports Seminar featuring some of MLB’s most respected experts

There aren’t many seminars that we feel like are “Can’t Miss” seminars, but we feel very strongly that this is definitely one. We feel so strongly, that we have decided to take the night session from the 1st day of the tournament off to allow all of the players and coaches to attend this event. We also feel so strongly about the message that there is no admission cost involved.

WHEN: Tuesday July 21st
TIME: 7:30 PM
LOCATION: Blessed Trinity HS Gymnasium (

Due to limited seating, we are only inviting players, parents, and coaches of the 15u WWBA participating teams to attend. All teams should definitely take advantage of attending the important event. If you can not attend, please contact Perfect Game by emailing us at

“Finally a program based on science, proven at the MLB level and built for both peak performance AND injury prevention by some of the best minds and biggest names in baseball”

Jerry Ford - President
Perfect Game USA

The Evening’s Esteemed Speakers Include:

Wally Lubanski will discuss the many opportunities involving talented young players as well as important college recruiting information. In addition to being deeply involved with amateur baseball, Mr Lubanski has had one son become a first round draft pick while another son signed with a high level ACC College program. He is not involved in running a college recruiting service, but he has guided many young players to college programs in all divisions. Mr. Lubanski will also describe the way Perfect Game handles scouting and exposure. He will tell people how to best utilize Perfect Game to create the most possible exposure for the least amount of money.

Jim Duquette – XM/Sirius Radio sports talk show host – Former GM of Mets and Orioles – Expert talent evaluator. Jim will discuss what scouts and college recruiters look for in young talent. What are the things that will make a player more or less attractive in the eyes of scouts and recruiters? This will be educational for parents and players since many of them aspire to play in college and professionally. Mr. Duquette will tell everyone what they will need to do in order to reach their potential and create serious interest from scouts and college recruiters.

Rick Peterson, is recognized as one of the very best Major League pitching coaches of our time (White Sox, A’s, Mets). He will talk about what it takes to play at the highest level….college and pro. He will cover things like work ethic, commitment, attitude, preparation, willing to pay the price for success. He will tie in inspiring stories about Tom Glavine, Michael Jordan, etc. He will also talk about pitching and how the pitchers can prepare themselves to be the best they can be while protecting themselves from injury. Rick will conclude by summarizing the 3P program.

Special guests, we are expecting some guest speakers as well that you won’t want to miss!

The seminar will be followed by group discussion (question and answer)

3PSports Staff of experts

Rick Peterson - Rick Peterson is known throughout professional baseball as the leading practitioner for peak performance coaching. He has spent 30 years of working with some of the greatest athletes in baseball including Johan Santana, Tom Glavine, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, Frank Thomas, Jim Abbott, Jason Giambi, Michael Jordan and many others. Over three decades, Rick has combined athletic skills, unique pitching techniques with sports psychology to help his players achieve their peak performance. His track record has been chronicled in Michael Lewis’ best seller “Moneyball” (2004) and John Feinstein’s “Living in the Black” (2008). Rick has applied his unique methodologies with some of today’s most successful athletes including Michael Jordan, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Pedro Martinez, Johan Santana, Tom Glavine, Roger Clemens, Frank Thomas, Jim Abbott, Jason Giambi, and many others.

Jim Duquette - Jim Duquette is known throughout major league baseball for his expertise in baseball operations and talent evaluation. During his years as a scout and senior executive, he has been the force behind recruiting many of today’s highest performing players.Today Jim is a National Baseball Analyst for Sirius / XM radio and for Prior to this he was Vice President for Baseball Operations for the Baltimore Orioles for two years. Jim came to the Orioles after serving in virtually every capacity of the baseball front office for the New York Mets, including being the General Manager, for 14 of the previous 15 years. Under his watch as GM in NY and Baltimore, players like David Wright, Jose Reyes, Melvin Mora, Nick Markakis, Scott Kazmir, Heath Bell, Jeremy Guthrie, Aaron Heilman, Brian Bannister, Lastings Milledge, among others got their opportunity at the major league level.

Al Leiter - Today, Al Leiter is well known for his expert work as a television host and analyst with MLB Network and YES Network. As a TV commentator, Al provides enthusiastic, unique and powerful sights so the viewers can understand the intricacies of the game. These are the same intricacies that Al mastered as an all-star MLB pitcher. Al is a three-time World Series Champion and two-time All-Star pitcher formerly with the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, and Florida Marlins. As a member of the 3P Sports team, Al provides his pitching knowledge and experience to help develop the best program on the market today. One of the most successful pitchers in baseball, Leiter has been recognized for nearly every humanitarian award in the sport, including the prestigious Roberto Clemente Award, the Good Guy Award from the New York Press Photographers Association, the Branch Rickey Award for unselfish contribution to his community, and the Joan W. Payson Award for humanitarian services.In January 2002, Leiter was the emcee at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s inauguration. Rudy Giuliani appointed him to the Twin Towers Fund Board of Directors. Some of his fellow Board members were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Utah Jazz’s Mark Jackson, and Bob Wright, vice chairman and executive officer of General Electric. As part of the Twin Towers Fund Board of Directors, Leiter helped to allocate more than $280 million in donations. Leiter was also selected by Mayor Bloomberg to serve on the Board of directors of NYC & Company, the city’s official, nonprofit tourism organization.

Tom Glavine - Tom Glavine is one of the most successful pitchers of this era. His consistency has enabled him to reach the admired milestone of a 300 game winner. As a sure Hall of Famer, he recently has passed Bob Feller (2,581) and Braves legend Warren Spahn (2,583) for 24th on the all-time strikeout list. Like many young high school athletes aspire to do, he was able transition his game to major league stardom. Outside of baseball, Tom is very active in charitable activities including being a member of the National Sports Committee of the Leukemia Society of America. Served as honorary chairman of the Georgia Council on Child Abuse. For the 16th straight year, hosted the Georgia Transplant Foundation’s Annual Spring Training. This foundation is focused on providing both financial and educational assistance to families of those undergoing or awaiting a transplant. Was the recipient of the Good Guy Award from the New Jersey Sportswriters. Received the Joan Payson Award for humanitarian service from the New York Chapter of the Baseball Writers of America.

Harvey Dorfman - Harvey Dorfman has been recognized as the most valuable player in MLB when it comes to sports psychology. Harvey has worked with many of today’s great stars and has helped them reach their true potential by effectively managing their thoughts. The who’s who of baseball have credited Harvey with helping them gain control of their thoughts, attitudes, motivations and “mental” game plan that has allowed them to perform their best during the most stressful times. When the game is on the line, they recall the guidance Harvey provided to calm their thoughts and execute in the zone. Previously, Harvey was a coach with the Oakland Athletics, Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays. Today Harvey is part of the super agent Scott Boras’s company where he provides behavior coaching to many of Scott Boras’ athletes.Harvey has written numerous books on this topic including:
The Mental Game of Baseball Coaching the Mental Game
The Mental ABC’s of Pitching

Dr. James Andrews - Doctor James Andrews is one of the founding members of Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center in Birmingham, Alabama. He is also a founder of the American Sports Medicine Institute, (ASMI) a non-profit institute dedicated to injury prevention, education and research in orthopedics and sports medicine. This foundation is recognized as one of the world’s leaders in this field. Doctor Andrews continues to serve as Chairman and Medical Director of ASMI. He has mentored more than 250 orthopedic/sports medicine Fellows and more than 45 primary care sports medicine Fellows who have trained under him through the ASMI Sports Medicine Fellowship Program. Doctor Andrews is also a founding partner and the Medical Director of the Andrews Institute which is located in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Doctor Andrews is internationally known and recognized for his skills as an orthopedic surgeon as well as his scientific and clinic research contributions in knee, shoulder and elbow injury prevention and treatment. In addition, he has made major presentations on every continent, and has authored numerous scientific articles and books. Doctor Andrews has worked with literally hundreds of the best athletes of our time including Tom Glavine, Al Leiter, Joba Chamberlain, Barry Zito, Michel Jordan, Reggie Bush, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Shaquille O’Neal.

Dr. Glenn Fleisig - Dr. Glenn Fleisig is the research director of the prestigious American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) in Birmingham Alabama. Dr. Fleisig leads the team at ASMI that has conducted biomechanical analysis on some of today’s most successful MLB pitchers. For two decades, ASMI has been studying the biomechanics of baseball pitching. The initial focus of these studies was to understand injury mechanisms and provide knowledge to the medical community for improving injury treatment. During the last few years, our purpose has been broadened to include injury prevention. More than 2,000 baseball pitchers from all levels have been tested at ASMI. The wealth of data has led to numerous scientific publications for physicians and others. Biomechanical pitching evaluations are available to baseball pitchers from any level, from youth to professional. As one of the foremost authorities on pitching biomechanics, since 1989 Dr. Fleisig has authored over 150 publications on the subject of pitching, preventing pitching injuries, overhand throwing implications of injuries, conditioning the shoulder and arm for pitching, how biomechanics can reduce pitching injuries, motion analysis and pitching mechanics.

Jeff Mangold - Jeff Mangold has been a conditioning coach at the college and professional levels for over thirty years. Jeff is known throughout major league baseball as one of the most forward thinking conditioning experts in the field. Most notably, Jeff was the head strength and conditioning coach with the New York Yankees from 1998 to 2006. During his tenure with the Yankees, Jeff participated in nine consecutive American League East Divisional Championships, appeared in five World Series and won three World Championships. While with the Yankees, Jeff supervised the physical testing, evaluation, exercise prescription and goal setting for the players throughout the in and off season. Jeff designed specific programs for the winning pitching staff that was successfully implemented by each of the staff including: Mariano Rivera, Roger Clemens, David Cone, David Wells, Dwight Gooden, and Orlando Hernandez.

15U WWBA Players, Parents and Coaches JUST FOR YOU... DO NOT MISS THIS!
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