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Cole vs Kelley as HS Prospects

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These comparisons are meant to compare each player at similar stages in their prospect journeys in high school and not comparing the high school prospect to the current MLB star. 

Gerrit Cole 6-3 190, 2008 grad 17.8 on MLB Draft Day

2012 PG National Report
Gerrit Cole is a 2008 RHP with a 6'3'', 190 lb. frame from Santa Ana, CA who attends Orange Lutheran HS. He has a present strong build with broad shoulders and some projection. Cole has electric stuff and throws with minimal effort and a simple delivery. His fastball was consistently 94-96 mph and had very late, hard boring life at times. Cole's slider was 81 mph with good bite and plenty of depth and he showed nice feel for a change up, unsual for a young power pitcher. The most impressive thing about Cole, aside from how easily he throws high velocity fastballs, is that he shows a mean streak on the mound and attacks hitters with an aggressive purpose. He has the chance to be a very high draft pick next June should he maintain the stuff and approach he showed in Cincinnati. Cole has committed to UCLA. Selected to 2007 Aflac All-American team.

PG Observations. 
“Rick Porcello was 97 here last year—and that’s the moment he went to No. 1 in the country,” said Perfect Game national director Jerry Ford. “Cole was better tonight. This is the best high school arm I can remember seeing. I’ve seen guys throw harder but their ball is usually straight. Cole showed the kind of life that you normally see from a little lefthander throwing 84.”
Jerry Ford from October 2007 at the WWBA World Championship in Jupiter

I remember talking to Gerrit Cole's parents trying to talk them into sending their son to our National Showcase. I believe it might have been in Cincinnati that year. We had heard some amazing reports from very credible sources that Gerrit was one of the most talented pitchers in California.

He did show up at that National Showcase and I saw him three more times that year. Truth is I have seen better all around pitchers. Pitchers with great stuff and excellent command.  However to this day when people ask me who had the best stuff, I always mention Gerrit Cole.

The Yankees drafted him in the first round, the following year. That same year I ran across Tim Kelley, Yankees  crosschecker and the scout that signed my son. We talked about Gerrit and he told me it was going to take a lot of money to sign him. I asked him how much and he told me.
My comment was, you guys should give it to him, he is the best pitching prospect in this class.

The Yankees didn't sign him and Gerrit went to UCLA and when he was again draft eligible he became the first over all pick. I'm not sure that the great stuff he exhibited as a HS pitcher is much better now, but he has improved his command and his pitching ability a great deal since his final appearance in a PG event. Of course, that was the PG WWBA World Championship in Jupiter, before his final HS year.
Jerry Ford

Jared Kelley 6-2 200, 2020 grad, 18.8 on MLB Draft Day

2019 PG National Report
Jared Kelley is a 2020 RHP with a 6-2 200 lb. frame from Refugio, TX who attends Refugio. Strong and firm physical build, workhouse starting pitcher build. Has a balanced delivery with a long arm stroke in back, lands a bit closed out front and can clear his hips more consistently, very low effort release especially considering his velocity. Fastball sat very consistently in the 95-97 mph range for two innings and touched 98, mostly straight with occasional arm side run. Showed mature confidence in his change up and flashed plus with the pitch. Slurve type breaking ball shows feel and tightness and landed them well while showing the ability to mix and sequence his pitches. Very good student, verbal commitment to Texas. Named to play in the Perfect Game All-American Classic.

PG Observations
I first saw Kelley throw at the Junior National Showcase in 2017 after hearing big things from the then relatively unknown righthander out of Refugio, Texas. He quickly lived up to the expectations, looking like a workhorse type arm while still showing the same low effort release on his fastball up to 92 mph. Jump forward to the 2018 summer circuit and Kelley was taking the hill for my second viewing and he put himself on the map as a top of the class type arm working a very easy 92-95 mph on the fastball. His slider was the go-to secondary pitch back then and he's since added a plus changeup that ranks amongst the best in the prep class, not to mention the fastball velocity has climbed into the upper-90s.
Jheremy Brown
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