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Organizational Report: Power Baseball

Jered Goodwin        
Photo: Carson Montgomery (Perfect Game)

Owner: Brian Dempsey, Jesse Marlo, Eric Lassiter, Tony Mehlich
Website: www.powerbsb.com
Twitter: @PowerBsb
Instagram: @power_bsb

Program History
• Power Baseball is only entering their 4th summer as an organization. After the summer of 2016, three high school head coaches (Eric Lassiter, Jesse Marlo, and Tony Mehlich) and a training facility owner (Brian Dempsey) decided that they wanted to branch out into travel ball ventures they could call their own. 
• Within their first year, they jumped onto the national scene as their players exploded off the recruiting board with a bevy of college commitments while also having depp playoff runs in both the WWBA National Championship and the BCS National Championship in the 17u and 16u divisions. 
• Even though Power Baseball has yet to complete its 4th full year of existence, they have amassed just shy of 150 college commitments, an All American, (2) PG Select Fest selections, and an appearance in the WWBA World Championships.

Program Development
• At Power Baseball, we have made a commitment from day one to honor our players and families both with communication and honesty and at times, brutal honesty. When your job is to guide players through a very niche process in a highly competitive market, their understanding of the reality of what it takes and how to go about both the development process and the recruiting process…lets just say there’s a lot of educating that has to be done to re-wire thought processes. The families that allow us to educate and guide without dispute, generally end up going through the process with minimal amount of stress along the way and more satisfied with the final destination than those who don’t. 
• We have been very fortunate to historically have the families in our organization elicit such acceptance and trust in our guidance. “We are confident in our abilities to evaluate and how we can best put our players in areas to best succeed. With amateur players more so than any other level, you can’t be afraid to suggest ideas that goes against the grain of their preconceived ideas of who they are as players. In Austin Amaral’s case, we hit the jackpot.” 
• Amaral showed up in January of 2018 at Power Baseball’s tryout as a catcher with no prior relationship or experience with any of the staff members. The day after the weekend tryout concluded, Eric Lassiter called Austin’s parents and upon their first conversation, Eric informed the family that Austin did not make a team as a catcher, however, even though he had practically zero pitching experience, he was being made a PO on one of Power Baseball’s higher profile teams. With a bevy of conflicting emotions, the Amaral’s accepted this new found role. Not quite six months later, Austin had a handful of major Division 1 offers and decided on Stetson.

2020 Uncommitted Prospects
1. Dwanye Maduro SS/RHP - switch hitting 6.8 runner, T85 on mound with high spin rates
2. Adam Sopher C - big power potential, middle of the order bat
3. Drew Dizney SS – plus defender and high contact rate
4. Aaron Makarewicz C -  steady player all around with baseball bloodlines
5. Dilan Moore OF – fast twich LHH
6. Nick Naso RHP – high academic, cross body strike thrower with sink
7. Reese Lee OF/RHP – 6.8 runner, athletic with long, lanky frame
8. Daniel Castaneda 2B – bat is going to play with surprising power
9. Ashton Eden OF – sub 7.0 runner, LHH 
10. Daniel Colangelo RHP -  arm really works, low to mid 80’s with high ceiling

2021 Breakout Potential
1. Noah Sullivan
2. Easton LaPlaca
3. Grayson Adams
4. Marcus O'Malley
5. Tyler Baker
6. Matthew Delay Jr.
7. Hunter French
8. Damian Goulart
9. Timothy Ayala
10. Nathan Tinder

2022 Breakout Potential
1. Greg Pettay
2. Drew Faurot
3. Danny Baez
4. Connor Fosnow
5. Nolan Thompson
6. Xavier Lopez
7. Evan Koehler
8. Isaac Sewell
9. Kitwana McTyer
10. Trent Godawa

2023 Follow List
1. Holden Brauner
2. Javier Jordan
3. Ethan Davenport
4. Conner Spelman
5. Darnell W. Parker Jr.
6. Carter White
7. Nathan Seeber
8. Brady Appel
9. Ty Dodge
10. Zale Lugo

2024 Follow List
1. Michael Kalinich
2. Charles Craft
3. Nicholas Palmi
4. Isaac Padilla
5. Cannon Feazell

Top Historical Perfect Game Moments
• 2018 16u #11 National Ranking
• 2019 Memorial Day East Champions (2 teams in Final 4)
• 2018 16u BCS Runner-Up
• 2017 Tucci Lumber Champions
• 2018 Tucci Lumber Runner-Up

What are we looking forward to scouting during the summer of 2020?
“The 2022 group is as intriguing as any 16U group in the country. It is loaded with college talent and also has a good handful of guys that could develop into legitimate pro prospects. Greg Pettay is a standout defensively and has a top of the order profile, while also having a big time motor. Ben Barrett and Landon Moran have huge 2-way potential with high ceilings on the mound. If Kolten Smith builds off his fall, he could be a riser with his power arm profile. Connor Fosnow and Riley Parker provide righthanded power at the plate and good defensive upside. Drew Faurot may be the best athlete of the bunch and will be followed closely to watch how the athleticism translates. Danny Baez can really hit.  The 2021 group also has the ingredients to be special. Justin Colon will make all the stops on the showcase circuit with his ability to play shortstop and his enormous arm. Owen Flynn could garner real helium. Marcus O'Malley, Sammy Lake, Noah White, Van Freischmidt, and Kenneth Eccleston can carry the offense deep into tournaments with various styles of play that can beat you. Bryce Braxton has big two-way potential and Jacob Marlowe is a left-handed pitcher that can be counted on in big spots. 2023 Braden Holcomb is an absolute difference maker in the right-handed batters box when he competes at any age level.  Power continues to grow into a big draw for any evaluator.”

Best College Resumes
Cort Roedig, Georgia Tech
William Sullivan, Troy
Nick Durgin, Stetson
Kyle Mock, Troy
Carson Schlegel, Lander

Perfect Game All-American Participants

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Carson Montgomery


Perfect Game Select Festival Participants

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