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Host Hotel Info | Host Hotel Info | 12/3/2018

PG Lodging Policy exclusively for PG Tournaments

Perfect Game Lodging Program exclusively for PG Youth and PG Tournaments

Perfect Game (PG) works with a wide variety of lodging partners in our tournament locations to secure excellent lodging rates for all participants and to ensure sufficient rooms for all attending teams. Through our lodging program, all out-of-town teams book their rooms through PG Host Hotels and receive specially discounted group rates at a variety of hotels. You can book your rooms through the hotels online website using a promotional code or by calling the hotel direct from the phone number listed here on the PG website. All teams that call the hotel direct must book within the Perfect Game Room Block & at the contracted rate and submit a rooming list 14 days prior to event start date. Rooming lists must be complete with confirmation numbers, team name, name of property, number of room nights and check-in/check-out dates e-mailed to If there are any questions regarding the Perfect Game lodging policy please contact Julius Comia at or phone at 319-298-2923x1013. 

*Any reservations booked through a third party provider (i.e., Expedia, Hotwire, Hotel Planners) or using reward points or booked outside of the PG room block will not fulfill requirement and require a lodging surcharge that must be paid before being scheduled into the event. *

Local Teams
Teams within a 100-mile drive radius will receive a WAIVER on the lodging policy.

Alternative Lodging Requests
If your team chooses to request to stay outside the Perfect Game Lodging Program (for example, to stay at an RV park, local home, etc.) you will be required to pay the lodging surcharge of $250.

To participate in Perfect Game Youth Events, your team must either:

   •  (For a 2 day event) Stay with a Perfect Game Host Hotel Partner
      (minimum 3 hotel rooms for a total for 1 nights = 3 room nights)

   •  (For a 3 day event) Stay with a Perfect Game Host Hotel Partner
      (minimum 6 hotel rooms for a total for 1 nights = 6 room nights)

   •  (For a 4 day event)  Stay with a Perfect Game Host Hotel Partner
      (minimum 6 hotel rooms for a total for 2 nights = 12 room nights)

   •  Non-local teams over 100 miles from the event will incur a lodging surcharge of $250; or

   •  Register as a local team, based within a 100-mile driving radius of the event

   •  Perfect Game, Inc., acts as a passive conduit for online distribution of customer information to our host hotel
      partners. Participants are solely responsible for the customer information they provide through the Perfect Game
      registration process, in any public message area, or through any email feature.
   •  Perfect Game, Inc., is not responsible for any cancellations or for any acts by the lodging partners who provide
      accommodations. Host hotel partners are not agents or employees of Perfect Game.
   •  Every effort is made to ensure website accuracy at the time of publication; however, Perfect Game, Inc., cannot be
      held responsible for printing or typographical errors, product changes, and/or content changes on websites.
   •  Perfect Game, Inc., is not liable for any loss or damage to property, injury, or damages or claims whatsoever
      arising from any act, error, omission, default or negligence of any person who is not a direct employee.

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