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Friday, September 14, 2018

Week 4 Pitching Schedule Iowa Fall Instructional League

BJ Fish        
Week #3 is in the books and we are now at the halfway point of our league and camps. This upcoming weekend we will travel to Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. Coach Roling and staff are looking forward to working with our players!

Week #4's pitching rotations and schedules are listed below. If anyone listed is no longer a pitcher or does not wish to throw on a mound this weekend, please reach out to me directly at bjfish@perfectgame.org.

11:00 AM

Blue Devils
McDermott (3 Innings), Petsche (2 Innings), Hamor (1 Inning), Carstensen (1 Inning)
Catching: Cornell (Full Game)

Red Dragons
Hutson (3 Innings), Christner (2 Innings), Wilkinson (3 Innings)
Catching: Jacobson (3 Innings), Hutson (3 Innings)

1:15 PM

Red Dragons
Alexander Swack (3 Innings), Welch (2 Innings), Krieger (2 Innings)
Catching: Hutson (Full Game)

Garrett Heying (2 Innings), Pierick (2 Innings), Hayden (2 Innings), Slaymaker (1 Innings)
Catching: Posegate (Full Game)

3:30 PM

Maxx Stanton (3 Innings), Damin Churchman (1 Inning), Moist (1 Innings), Brock Krieger (1 Innings), Posegate (1 Inning)
Catching: Heying (Full Game)

Blue Devils
Jacobson (2 Innings), Shimak (2 Innings), Porth (2 Innings), Bunch (1 Inning)
Catching: Cornell (Full)

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