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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Adjusted Schedule Week 2

Steve James        
Games in Iowa

With the impending snow storm on Friday night into Saturday we will be adjusting the schedule for the PG Spring League.  All teams scheduled in Iowa will be moved indoors to the PG Indoor Facility in Cedar Rapids on Sunday only.  The address for the facility is on the PG Spring League event page. 

The following schedule will be at the PG Indoor Facility;

9:00 AM - Cage 1 turf room - Iowa Sticks Scout 2019 - Iowa Select Royal 2018/2019 - Iowa Select Black 2019
9:00 AM - Cage 2 turf room - Iowa Sticks Scout 2020 - Iowa Select Black 2020 - Iowa Select Royal 2020
12:00 PM - Cage 1 turf room -  Iowa Sticks Scout 2021 - Iowa Select Black 2021
12:00 PM - Cage 2 turf room - EMB Gold - Iowa Select Royal 2021

The facility will open at 8:15 AM Sunday for players to get loose and warm up.  The noon group should plan on getting there around 11:15 AM.  

Games in Wisconsin

Nash Park is unplayable this weekend, and the schedule has changed for games scheduled in Wisconsin.  The following adjustments have been made to the schedule.  Below is the schedule for Saturday and Sunday at the Hitters Baseball Academy.

2 PM-6PM - Hitters Baseball 2018 vs Iowa Select Black 2018

8 AM-12 PM - Hitters Baseball 2018 vs Iowa Select Black 2018

Players should be at Hitters Baseball Academy to hit and get loose an hour prior to scheduled simulated games.

Iowa Select Black 2018 players should try to get to Kenosha Friday night to beat the storm.  I have contacted the host hotel and you'll be able to still get the group rate for a Friday night stay.  With a lot of places having to cancel games this weekend and us assured of playing, there should be quite a few pro guys coming so it's important to get up there safely.  

If the weather cooperates on Sunday, the simulated games at Hitters Baseball Academy will be moved outside to UW Parkside.  Games would start at 9 AM and 11 AM.  We will make that final decision as it gets closer and make an announcement on the website and Twitter.

Keep an eye on Twitter and the PG website for any additional adjustments and announcements.
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