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College | Rankings | 3/13/2017

College Top 25: March 13

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With the top-ranked Horned Frogs losing their weekend series, on the road, to UC Irvine it created a very simple yet difficult decision to make: Should TCU lose the No. 1 ranking? While the PG college staff agreed that they shouldn't fall further than the second spot in the rankings it was decided that they should lose their grasp on the top spot, at least for now, despite a very impressive opening to the 2017 season that included a three-game sweep of their opponents a week ago at the Shriners Classic in Houston. Two of those wins were in dramatic come-from-behind fashion, of which both a positive and negative argument could be made in supporting TCU's claim of the No. 1 ranking.

As a result instead of simply moving every team up, especially since Florida went 2-3 on the week with a pair of midweek losses to Florida Gulf Coast, it was decided that an audition would be held for three teams the PG college staff agreed were the mostly worthy of consideration: Florida State, Louisville and Oregon State. While cases were made for each program, including the most simple of rankings logistics to simply move each team up, it was ultimately decided that Louisville was the most worthy to be named the new No. 1-ranked team in the Top 25.

Their perfect 15-0 record was the easiest to point to, the only undefeated team of all of the top-ranked programs to open the 2017 season. While their resume may not be as strong as Oregon State, or even Florida State based on their opponents, they do have easily the highest team batting average (.344) of the trio and the second lowest staff ERA (1.75) while spinning the most team shutouts with five. Quite simply, they have dominated their competition in the most sound manner over the first four weekends of the 2017 season and in our collective estimation were the best team to take over the top spot in the Perfect Game/Rawlings College Baseball Top 25.

In addition, Perfect Game welcomes both Baylor (19) and Florida Gulf Coast (22) to the Top 25 rankings this week after their impressive starts to the 2017 season. South Florida and St. John's were especially tough omissions this week, while Oklahoma, Missouri and Louisiana Tech are among the other teams making the loudest cases for inclusion.

While there are some changes at the top and bottom of the rankings the teams ranked sixth through 18th for the most part took care of business over the weekend and as a result there isn't too much movement in the middle of the Top 25.

Be sure to check out the Perfect Game College Player Database for detailed scouting reports based on first-hand observations from our scouts. We will provide a full update on Tuesday with reports from Stanford/Rice, TCU/UC Irvine among a few others.

And don't forget to tune in to Perfect Game College Baseball tonight from 9-11 p.m. ET on SiriusXM College Sports Nation, channel 84. Perfect Game's Daron Sutton and Mike Rooney will wrap up the fourth weekend of the 2017 college baseball season while taking a look ahead to week five.

Also considered:
 South Florida, St. John's, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana Tech

Rk Prev Team Overall record Weekly record
1 4
15-0 4-0
2 1
 Texas Christian
12-3 2-2
3 3
 Florida State
13-3 4-1
4 5
 Oregon State
14-1 4-0
5 2
12-5 2-3
6 6
 Louisiana State
12-4 3-1
7 7
 South Carolina
11-5 4-0
8 8
 Texas Tech
14-3 3-1
9 9
9-4 3-0
10 10
 East Carolina
12-4 4-1
11 12
12-3 4-0
12 13
 North Carolina
12-4 3-1
13 11
11-5 2-2
14 14
11-5 4-1
15 15
11-6 4-1
16 16
 Cal State Fullerton
9-5 4-1
17 17
13-2 3-1
18 18
 Oklahoma State
9-6 3-1
19 NR
14-2 3-1
20 22
 Texas A&M
14-3 5-0
21 24
12-6 5-0
22 NR
 Florida Gulf Coast
14-3 4-1
23 19
9-6 2-2
24 20
9-5 2-2
25 21
13-3 2-2

Dropped Out: NC State (23), Dallas Baptist (25).

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