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Monday, January 10, 2005

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Ft Myers, Fl: Every year at the PG World Showcase a new name comes out of the woodwork to appear near the top of the Prospects Leader Board.

In the past it's been players like Dewan Brazelton, Carl Crawford, Dustin McGowen, Ryan Doherty, Miguel Negron, and many others. One of the new additions to the "Sky Rocket" prospect list is Josh Wall from Central Private High School in Walker, Louisiana.

Wall has been in our rankings for quite awhile so he's not a total surprise. He's shown us outstanding ability as a tall athletic shortstop and he's pitched in the high 80s to 90 range at several PG events. Before the World Showcase we thought Wall had a chance to go in the top 10 rounds. Now he is a legitimate first round candidate in our eyes. 

Josh Wall is a 6'6/190 athlete who projects off the charts. In Ft Myers he was the star of the show that included several potential high draft picks. His 88-90 fastball is now 91-94, touching 95 and he has good command. His breaking ball is sharp and this pitch will be a plus MLB curve ball down the road. He also showed a good feel for the changeup and clean mechanics with fluid arm action. Wall also has a very good splitty, but he told us his dad doesn't want him to use it right now. So besides all his athletic ability and strong fast arm, he even has a very smart dad!

                                                                                                                                                          Josh Wall- '05 RHP
There were several other big surprises at this year's World Showcase, but no one stuck out more than Josh Wall. One National League scouting director told us he thinks "Wall is right up there with any RHP in next year's draft, I will see his first outing this spring". It's always fun to watch these guys who really turn it up a notch.

Josh Wall might have ended up being an early draft pick even without attending the World Showcase. The only thing for certain is that he did attend and he's now a potential 1st rounder. If he isn't pitching in Pro Ball this coming summer, he'll head to LSU where he'll become an immediate impact player.

Wall should end up being about 50 lbs bigger at some point. With his size, athletic ability and arm, he has "sky is the limit" potential. 3 digit readings are a possibility in the future. All the baseball world now knows the name... Josh Wall. He's going to cause a lot of extra fans with radar guns to attend Central Private high school games this spring.
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