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Monday, May 01, 2006

Who's Hot 2006

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For the past three years, Perfect Game, in its ongoing effort to promote talented High School players has run a list called "Who's Hot" at   Now “Who’s Hot” will become a regular “free” feature on


Each week the PG Staff will post updated information regarding a very large number of high school baseball prospects who are making noise for the upcoming draft, and who the underclassmen are that are stepping up to be in the next group of top prospects.  PG is scouting players all over the country, and our home office is receiving reports from MLB scouts, college coaches, high school coaches, agents, and other knowledgeable baseball people.


We have done the listing on the PG website in the past and it has received a great deal of attention from players and parents, as well as professional scouts and college coaches.  With the addition of pgcrosschecker and, we expect that the attention will be greater than ever this year.  


Below is the first pgcrosschecker installment of Who's Hot!  Anyone wishing to report a player who is receiving a great deal of interest from MLB scouts, please e-mail


Some top rated players are not always included. Be patient, we are tracking them all. Look for many names to appear in the near future.


The draft and college recruiting are such an important score card at Perfect Game, we decided to let people in on some of the information we get on a daily basis.  We hope you enjoy!


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