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Thursday, December 21, 2006

PG National Players and Their College Choices

Perfect Game Staff        
The single most impressive display of amateur baseball talent ever assembled was the 2006 Perfect Game National Showcase. Held at beautiful Baum Stadium, U of Arkansas this event was a who?€™s who of high school baseball talent. Nearly every Aflac All American was there and more than 90% of the current top 100 according to

The June draft in 2007 and the college commitment list will go to prove the PG National is #1 when it comes to talent. That?€™s why nearly everyone of the 30 MLB Scouting Directors attend along with hundreds of other scouts and nearly all the top college programs in the country.
Many of the nation?€™s top college programs were on hand and loaded up on the talent. Leading the way were national powers like Texas, Tennessee, Texas A&M, UCLA, Stanford, TCU, Oregon State, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Miami, LSU, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Florida, Clemson, Cal State Fullerton, Auburn, Arizona State, Alabama and Arkansas. All 20 of the above colleges successfully recruited at least three players who attended the PG National.

Leading the way was Arizona State with 8 PG National players. Auburn, Clemson, Oregon State and Texas ended up signing six PG National players. Florida, Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, San Diego, were next with five PG National players. Here are the colleges that signed PG National players during the early signing period. An interesting note: 33 PG National players signed early with the eight colleges the made it to last year?€™s college world series. The last 8 NCAA World Series Champions combined to successfully recruit 38 PG National players.

Looking at any of the ?€?Top Recruiting Class?€? lists, it is quite obvious that the PG National Showcase is the number one stop for top college programs. Looking at the past MLB drafts, it is obvious the PG National Showcase is the number one, individual player, showcase event in baseball.

2006 PG National Showcase Players Sign Early


Austin     Bailey     RHP
Connor    Hoehn     RHP
Ross       Wilson    SS

Arizona State

Seth       Blair        RHP
Kyle       Brule       RHP
Michael  Burgess   OF
Justin     Jackson   SS
Chase    Johnson   RHP
Mathew  Newman  OF
Tillman   Pugh       OF
Danny    Rams      C


Conrad   Flynn      RHP
Cody      Hawn      OF
Kendall  Korbal     RHP
James   Mahler     RHP


Brian        Fletcher   MIF
Weston    Gilmer      SS
Jon Luke  Jacobs     RHP
D.J.         Jones       OF
Hunter     Morris       IF
Kevin       Patterson 1B

Chris     Withrow    RHP

Blinn JC
Paul      Demny     RHP

Boston College

Kyle      Prohovich  1B


Joe        Lincoln     C

Cal State Fullerton

Christian   Colon       MIF
Freddie     Freeman  1B
Kyle         O'Campo  RHP

Central Florida

Cody   Allen                RHP
Evan   Stobbs-Bultema 3B


Christopher    Epps           OF
Craig             Gullickson   LHP
Nick              Noonan       SS
Justin            Poovey        RHP
Jeff                Schaus       OF
Joshua          Smoker       LHP


Ryan       Mikalsen      LHP
Joe          Pavone        C


Tom        Luciano       OF

East Tennessee St.

Josh        Means        RHP


Greg                   Amorosso    LHP
Gregory              Annarummo  3B
Samuel "Brock"   Bailey          IF
Brian                  Bodjiak         RHP


Colin      Buckborough    RHP


Evan      Chambers      OF
Travis     Lawler           RHP
Ryan      Mathews       1B
Tommy   Toledo          RHP
John       Tolisano        SS  

Florida Atlantic

Michael      Gipson      RHP
Anthony     Rizzo        1B

Florida International

Nevin       Griffith         RHP
Joseph     Hage          OF

Florida State
Parker      Brunelle       C
John         Gast            LHP
Michael    Main            RHP
Mike        McGee         SS
Mark        Peterson      LHP


Alex       Kenny          OF

Fresno State

Jake      Johnson        C


Jace      Brown          MIF
Kevin     Rhoderick    RHP

Georgia Southern

Derrick (DJ)   Fitzgerald   MIF

Georgia Tech

Derek     Dietrich       SS
Deck      McGuire      RHP
Neil        Ramirez      RHP
Nathan   Vineyard     LHP

High Point

Trevor   Reckling      LHP


Nick    Chmielewski   RHP


Nicholas   Jensen    LHP


Glen         Johnson      SS
Matthew   Tomshaw     LHP


Remington    Wilson     C


Ian     Tomkins          C


Nicholas   Christopher   RHP

Long Beach State

Michael      Watt        LHP

Louisiana State

Johnny     Dishon       OF
Micah      Gibbs         C
DJ           LeMahieu   SS


Austin     Sheffield     1B


Jason      Butts         C
Justice    French       SS


Yasmani     Grandal         C
Chris          Hernandez     LHP
Iden            Nazario         1B
D.J.            Swatscheno  LHP
Joseph       Terdoslavich   C


Travis    Smith      RHP


Timothy    Ferguson     MIF
Logan       Williams      SS

Mississippi State
Forrest     Moore    LHP

Murray State

Steven    Bayko     C


Cameron   Robulack     1B
David        Stewart        OF


Braxton    Miller     C

New Mexico

Richard    Bohlken    MIF

North Carolina

Madison    Bumgarner    LHP
Matt          Harvey          RHP
Patrick      Johnson        RHP
Rick          Porcello        RHP
Nathan      Striz             RHP

North Carolina State

Patrick       Arnold           RHP
Demetrius  Washington   OF


Leslie      Williams      RHP

Notre Dame

Evan       Danieli      RHP
Brian      Dupra        RHP
Gregory  Sherry       SS


Blake      Beavan      RHP

Oklahoma State

Davis      Duren      MIF

Old Dominion

Tyler      Mann      OF

Oregon State
Tim          Alderson      RHP
Stephen   Hagen          3B
Garrett     Nash           SS
Josh        Osich          LHP
Greg        Peavey        RHP
Tanner     Robles        LHP


Cole      Cook      RHP


Carmen      Angelini    SS
Nicholas     Natale      OF


Jaren      Matthews      1B

Saint Mary's

David      Small      LHP

Sam Houston State

Braden    Riley      MIF


Nicholas     Navarro      C

San Diego

Kyle           Blair            RHP
Nicholas     Hom            3B
Victor         Sanchez      3B
Sammy      Solis            LHP
Sequoyah   Stonecipher  OF

San Diego State

Deryk      Hooker              RHP
Daniel     Elorriaga-Matra   C

San Francisco

Connor      Bernatz      OF

South Carolina

Kyle      Greenwalt       RHP
Jose      Rodriguez       OF

South Florida

Yoandy     Barroso           OF
Todd         Brazeal            3B
Kevin        Quackenbush   RHP
AJ            Regoli              Of

Southern Illinois

Nick      Rice     LHP


Zach         Jones           C
Jonathan   Kaskow        1B
Jack         McGeary       LHP
Dan          Sandbrink      RHP


Sean      Hoelscher     3B
Greg      Holle             OF
Relly      Mercurio       1B


Gary       Bulman       RHP
Kentrail   Davis          OF
Sam       Runion        RHP


Bobby      Buckner       MIF
Kawika     Emsley-Pai  C
Cole         Green          RHP
Kevin       Keyes          OF
Cameron  Rupp            C
Tant         Shepherd     3B

Texas A&M

Kevin       Ahrens      SS
Drake      Britton       LHP
Andrew    Nettune     C


Blake     Martz      C


Erik       Goeddel      RHP
Jason     Heyward     OF
Brett      Krill            OF

UNC Charlotte

Joseph      Yermal    RHP

UNC Greensboro

Raymond     Quinones       MIF
Keith           Weinkofsky    C
Shawn          Zarraga         C

UT San Antonio

Tyler      Carpenter      C


Curtis     Casali        C
Aaron     Westlake   1B


Philip     Gosselin     MIF
Tyler      Wilson        RHP

Virginia Tech

Hunter    Ovens      OF


Sam      Roberts      3B

Wake Forest

Mark       Adzick       LHP
Steven     Brooks       OF
Courtney  Morgan      MIF


Joey      Paciorek      SS

Washington State

Keaton      Hayenga      RHP

Western Carolina

Andrew      Cobb      OF
Jordan       Lucas     SS

Wichita State

Jon      Gilmore      SS
Peter   Kozma       MIF

There are still a few that we have not been able to track their college choice as of this date. We will update the list completely as we get more information.

Most MLB scouts, college recruiters, and others who attended the Perfect Game National this past June would claim it was the single most impressive display of high school talent ever assembled. The Perfect Game National has produced over 60 first round picks in the past 5 years, but the 2006 National was arguably the best of them all. The 2007 draft should be very interesting as will the 2010 when many of these players are selected in the first round.
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