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General  | General  | 6/1/2022

The Lead Off: June

Clint Hurdle     
Photo: Perfect Game
Hello Everyone! 👋

Happy post Memorial Day Weekend!


Welcome to June and the 🌞 sunshine. It’s a good month for baseball. Playing baseball, watching baseball, or coaching baseball. We still have a lot going on the fields. ⚾️

High schools are finishing up and getting into their playoff time. I’ve been fortunate to watch the IMG Academy’s various baseball teams play, as well as watch a few tournaments with out-of-state teams. College programs are having their Regional Tournaments and I’ve been watching many SEC games. Can anybody take down Tennessee this year?

Did I just jinx them? 😜👊

Let’s not forget the NCAAW Softball tournaments! FSU just got bounced and how good is Oklahoma, led by Coach Gasso! 💪

We also have MiLB and MLB games being played coast-to-coast. I’ve been to Albuquerque and Hartford watching young men chase their dreams. Headed to Modesto to watch some A Ball players play this week.

I’ve been fortunate to have many conversations with players, coaches and even parents along the way. I ask a lot of questions…Such as:

What’s the purpose of that drill?

What is the reason behind the way your BP is structured?

Do you spend the same amount of time on defensive work as you do on hitting?

When do you work on baserunning?

Who are the leaders on your team?

Do you call the pitches or do your catchers?

Do you have your player’s practice at multiple positions just in case?

Why do you coach the way you coach?

Why do you play the game anyway?

Sometimes I get asked to leave! 😜👊😂

The reason for the questions are two-fold.

#1 is I’m always trying to learn. From everyone. Age has no bearing.

#2 is we are gathering so much information, at times I think we forget to play. 

I’m always waiting for someone to say I’m doing what I’m doing because I LOVE IT. ❤️🇺🇸⚾️

I’m witnessing much effort, focus, and energy put into practice, which is good.

However, the games are sometimes missing smiles 🤩 and laughter. 🙌

Practice hard so you can PLAY in the game! The umpires don’t even say “PLAY BALL” at the start of the game anymore.

When we can use our passion and skills to truly play a game we love, there is no telling how much fun you can have.

My challenge to us all is to PLAY with your heart ❤️ and HAVE FUN. 👏 Once you’re between the white lines, you should become your own coach and have a blast! Once they are between the white lines, let them play just like you did back in the day. 👊

As Ernie Banks (please google him up 😜) used to say, “ It’s a great day for baseball...Let’s play two!”

Keep Swingin’!

Let’s Have Some Fun 🤩