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Tournaments  | Story  | 7/25/2022

14u WWBA Scout Notes: Days 4-5

Tim Redding      Perfect Game Staff     
Photo: Ryan Harwood (Perfect Game)
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Isaac Robles (2026, Houston, Texas) arrived on Day 4 of the 14u WWBA for his team and was penciled into the three-hole in the lineup. Without wasting much time, he deposited the fourth pitch he saw just over the top of the left field fence for a two-run home run. Isaac has a strong, physical frame and with his long, athletic body, he makes playing this game look easy at times. Robles is already revered as a top RHP in his home state of Texas, but what he showed with the bat was pretty stellar. His setup in the batter’s box is a bit old school in that he has his front leg slightly extended firm with weight over the back knee. His hands are a bit low below the back shoulder and “swim” ever so slightly upon commitment to swinging the bat through the zone. There is pull-side strength here as displayed, but with some small adjustments he could have it to all fields. Isaac went 3-for-4 on the day, and along with his home run he had a pair of singles. It will be an intriguing journey to continue monitoring Isaac as he matures and develops his game to new levels. With a taste of what we’ve seen thus far, it wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes one of the best players in the country over the next several years.

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