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General  | General  | 4/9/2024

Wolforth Throwing Mentorship: Article 39

Ron Wolforth     

Justin Verlander's Approach to Skill Development:
3 Lessons for Young Travel Ball Pitchers

In 2014, an unexpected voicemail from Justin Verlander began a relationship that's lasted over eight years. Verlander, seeking advice on training and mechanical efficiency, showcased a relentless pursuit of improvement that every young travel ball pitcher can learn from. Here are three key insights from Verlander's approach to skill development:

                       Perpetual Drive for Improvement: Verlander's dedication to steady, incremental progress is unparalleled. His approach to constantly investigate and assess every aspect of his game is a testament to his commitment to excellence. Even during challenging times and after achieving significant accolades, including two Cy Young awards, Verlander's focus on daily enhancement never wavers. This relentless pursuit of growth, irrespective of past successes or failures, sets a remarkable example for aspiring athletes.


                       Healthy Skepticism Coupled with Openness: Unlike many who may shy away from questioning or disagreeing, Verlander embodies the balance between being skeptical and open-minded. His willingness to engage in honest dialogue, challenge ideas, and value diverse perspectives underscores the importance of being both a learner and a leader. For young pitchers, embracing this balance can foster an environment where growth is fueled by curiosity and constructive criticism.


                       Relentlessness in the Face of Adversity: Verlander's career demonstrates that resilience and a strong work ethic are essential for overcoming obstacles. His ability to remain focused and determined, regardless of the circumstances, highlights the significance of perseverance. Young athletes are encouraged to adopt a similar mindset, understanding that setbacks are temporary and that continuous effort is key to long-term success.


Verlander's journey offers valuable lessons on staying hungry for improvement, maintaining a balance between skepticism and openness, and being relentless in pursuit of one's goals. These principles are not just applicable to baseball but to any endeavor requiring skill development and personal growth.

Coach Ron Wolforth is the founder of the Texas Baseball Ranch® and has written six books on pitching including the Amazon Best Seller, Pitching with Confidence. Since 2003, The Texas Baseball Ranch® has had over 579 pitchers break the 90 mph barrier, 208 have toped 94mph or better, and 135 of his students have been drafted in the MLB’s June Amateur Draft. Coach Wolforth has consulted with 13 MLB teams, dozens of NCAA programs and has been referred to as “ America’s Go-to-Guy on Pitching” and “The Pitching Coaches Pitching Coach.” Coach Wolforth lives in Montgomery, TX with his wife, Jill. They are intimately familiar with youth select, travel baseball and PG events as their son Garrett (now a professional catcher) went through the process. Garrett still holds the PG Underclass All-American Games record for catcher velocity at 89mph which he set in 2014 at the age of 16.


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