2012 Northeast Top Prospect Showcase

2013 Top Prospects

Joseph Palumbo - LHP - 2013 - Holbrook, NY
Projectable lefty with high level present pitchability. Fastball up to 88 with life and good feel for both a changeup and curveball. High ceiling.

Neil Kozikowski - RHP - 2013 - Burlington, CT
Big, strong righty with clean arm action. Fastball up to 88, long arm action with easy arm speed. Changeup with late sink, solid slider, cutter maybe be future pitch for him.

Will Jahn - RHP - 2013 - South Salem, NY
Big, strong righty with clean arm action and more velocity to come. Fastball up to 86, also showed clean arm action and feel for two breaking pitches.

Taylor Doyle - RHP - 2013 - Dublin, NH
Young arm with lots of projection and potential. Fastball sat mid 80s up to 86, good feel for off-speed. Changeup with sink, hard cutter, throws curveball very hard. Pitcher to watch.

Angel Garced - 2B - 2013 - Lakeland, FL
High level defensive infielder who has improved a lot over the last three years. Also, showed quickness in bat and very good overall athleticism.

Michael Conti - SS - 2013 - Glastonbury, CT
Lean, athletic player who showed the most consistent bat of the event. Smooth, easy stroke with bat speed, made hard contact during games. Good defender who showed feel for both MIF positions.

Johnnie La Rossa - SS - 2013 - North Massapequa, NY
Good athlete who showed the ability to defend the OF and IF at a high level. Left handed bat with a lot of quickness, hit only home run of showcase to deep RF on Sunday.

Lukas Pracher - SS - 2013 - Manhasset, NY
Projectable athlete who is versatile and a quality defender at SS and CF. Can run and showed quickness in bat. Squared up pitches very well in games.

Cameron Scott - OF - 2013 - Cambria Heights, NY
Lean athlete who worked out very well and is a good defensive outfielder. Has potential with bat, smooth swing with power. Power to come as body fills out.

Tyler Dearden - RHP - 2013 - Poughkeepsie, NY
Lean, athletic righty who projects very well. Quick worker with good tempo, fastbll up to 85, short breaking curveball with tight break. Big future on mound.

Ben Walsh - RHP - 2013 - Syracuse, NY
Big, strong player with versatility and a power bat at the plate. Showed high level skills as a defensive catcher and also threw well on the mound, topping at 86 with a very good CB.

Ryan Mordecai - OF - 2013 - Holmes, NY
Long, lean athletic who projects well. Best OF arm strength of showcase, raw at plate with chance for power. Also solid on mound, showed three solid pitches.

Kezlin Douglas - SS - 2013 - Manchester, CT
Good athlete with defensive ability at 3B and power potential at the plate. Up to 85 on mound with big breaking curveball. Potential two-way player.

Tyler Lyne - OF - 2013 - Feeding Hills, MA
High level workout with 6.78 sixty yard dash and 89 mph velocity from the outfield. Very good defensive tools in OF and IF. Line drive swing plane with strength and more to come at plate.

Thomas Lemons - OF - 2013 - Upton, MA
Big, strong athlete with physicality and good workout numbers. Hit well in games showing strength and bat speed with more to come.

Bailey Brown - RHP - 2013 - Pottstown, PA
Versatile player who showed big potential on the mound, topping at 83 with good changeup and more velocity to come. Easy athleticism in outfield and quickness in hands at plate. Power potential.

James DeNomme - C - 2013 - Trumbull, CT
Very good defensive catcher with quick feet and arm strength. Consistent workout pops under 2.00. Quickness in bat, aggressive at plate. Also showed ability on mound.

David Gerics - RHP - 2013 - Newtown, CT
Medium build righty with very good present pitchability. Fastball sat in mid 80s, good feel for curveball. Very aggressive on the mound.

Nicholas Figari - RHP - 2013 - Amawalk, NY
Another very aggressive righty. Fastball up to 86, very good feel for curveball and changeup. Arm works well with more to come in future. Good present pitchability.

Harrison Preschel - C - 2013 - Teaneck, NJ
Strong player who popped a 1.89 and threw 81 from behind the plate. Strength in bat, good catcher to watch who showed athleticism.