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David Rawnsley
Vice President of Player Personnel

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since 2/2/2005
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2 WWBA World Top 20 Teams 10/18/11 21020 views
3 The Jupiter Top 20 10/24/12 19287 views
4 World Showcase top prospects 1/9/14 18772 views
5 2012 Mock Draft (v.1) 4/17/12 17738 views
Collegiate National Team notes    
Jun 27, 2015
Read the PG scout blogs for detailed notes from the Tournament of Stars and Collegiate National Team action, as Missouri RHP Tanner Houck stood out on Friday with low- to mid-90s heat.  read 
Tournament of Stars notes    
Jun 26, 2015
Jason Groome continued to impress with a dominant performance at the 2015 Tournament of Stars in Cary, N.C. David Rawnsley provides notes on Groome and others from Thursday's action.  read 
TOS, Team USA scout blogs    
Jun 24, 2015
David Rawnsley and Jheremy Brown are in Cary, N.C. supplying their thoughts on the Tournament of Stars and Collegiate National Team where David Peterson continues to progress.  read 
MLB Draft Reports: 451-500    
Jun 5, 2015
We wrap up the detailed prospect reports of the top 500 prospects for this year's draft with a look at those ranked 451-500, including UConn senior righthander Carson Cross.  read 
Snapshots: Canada and Puerto Rico    
Jun 5, 2015
We wrap up our regional coverage of the 2015 MLB Draft by taking a look at the top players from Canada and Puerto, as hard-hitting slugger Josh Naylor became the 2nd PG All-American in 2014.  read 
MLB Draft Reports: 401-450    
Jun 4, 2015
After an injury plagued 2014 season, Scott Heineman returned to Oregon with positive results this year and is one of 50 prospects profiled in detail of those ranked 401-450.  read 
MLB Draft Pack: June 4    
Jun 4, 2015
PG All-American Patrick Sandoval possesses one of the best curveballs in this year's draft, and he's one of eight draft-eligible players we provide a detailed report on in our weekly Draft Pack.  read 
State Snapshots: New England    
Jun 4, 2015
Although the states in the New England Region (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT) aren't loaded with top prospects for this year's draft, Boston College's Chris Shaw offers one of its most powerful bats.  read 

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