2014 Northeast Underclass Showcase

2016 Top Prospects

JJ Bleday - OF - 2016 - Panama City Beach, FL
An exciting two-way talent, Bleday threw 92 mph from the outfield, ran a 6.91 60 yard dash time, and showed razor sharp command of his secondary pitches on the mound. The lefty topped at 87 mph on the hill.

Morgan McSweeney - RHP - 2016 - Hudson, MA
McSweeney has a large, strongly built pitcher's frame and uses that frame to produce a fastball that topped out at 88 mph and lived consistently at 84-86.

Frank Vesuvio - RHP - 2016 - Armonk, NY
A powerful right-handed hitter with a sound game action approach, Vesuvio also topped out at 88 mph from the mound and ran one of the event's best times at 6.62.

Jackson Olson - SS - 2016 - New Milford, CT
A lean, projectable left-handed hitter, Olson flashed above average power and a smooth, repeatable stroke. He was one of the event's most impressive hitters and also touched 80 mph on the mound.

Nick Borek - RHP - 2016 - Baldwinsville, NY
A right-hander with a clean, quick arm action, Borek topped out at 87 mph with his fastball, living consistently at 83-86. He also flashed tight rotation on his curveball.

Conor Moriarty - SS - 2016 - West Springfield, MA
A slick fielding shortstop with a strong throwing arm, Moriarty ran a 6.97 60 yard dash time and threw 84 mph across the diamond. He also shows off a quick, line drive swing path.

Brett Tivnan - OF - 2016 - Hingham, MA
A lively, athletic infielder, Tivnan worked at 83-85 mph with his fastball on the mound, but stands out as an outfielder, where he also threw 87 mph. His bat speed also stands out, and he posted a 6.88 60 yard dash time.

Luke Apuzzi - OF - 2016 - Princeton, NJ
Apuzzi made loud game contact and showed power to the middle of the field. He showed off a balanced, patient approach and flashed above average bat speed.

Damon DeMicco - OF - 2016 - St. James, NY
An athletic outfielder with plus speed, DeMicco posted a 6.68 60 yard dash time and also threw 82 mph from the outfield. He also flashed hard pull side contact from the right side.

Anthony DeSouza - RHP - 2016 - Medford, MA
A right-hander with a lean, young build, DeSouza topped out at 84 mph with his fastball. He also showed excellent feel for his breaking ball and changeup. His balanced and bat speed also stood out at the plate.

Ian Fair - SS - 2016 - Walpole, MA
An infielder with smooth defensive actions and a strong, accurate throwing arm, Fair is also a force from the right side of the plate. He has solid bat speed and a line drive approach. He also posted a 6.89 60 yard dash time.

Marcus Fry - OF - 2016 - Mansfield Center, CT
Fry posted one of the event's high numbers with his 90 mph velocity from the outfield, but he also impressed defensively at third base and with his quick right-handed stroke.

Adam Hilal - LHP - 2016 - Hopewell Junction, NY
Hilal topped out at 83 mph with his fastball, also showing off a loose, projectable arm action. He worked consistently down in the strike zone and showed a good feel for his secondaries.

Jason Johndrow - RHP - 2016 - Halifax, MA
A tall, projectable righty, Johndrow worked from a low three-quarter arm slot and shows excellent life on his 82-85 mph fastball. He also shows off tight rotation on his slider.

Jonathan Juri - 3B - 2016 - Emerson, NJ
One of the event's standout athletes, Juri posted impressive workout results, running a 6.88 60 yard dash time and throwing 87 mph from the infield. He also flashed a live bat with an aggressive approach.

Reece Maniscalco - RHP - 2016 - Fairfield, CT
A projectable righty with a lively, fast arm, Maniscalco flashed an 82-84 mph fastball that topped out at 85, as well as a sharp breaking ball and changeup.

Nick Paasch - RHP - 2016 - Tolland, CT
Paasch has a tall, lean, projectable frame that stands out, and his 80-83 mph fastball and solid breaking ball and changeup give him impressive present raw stuff as well.

Neil Powell - 2B - 2016 - Portsmouth, RI
A left-handed hitter with a clean, line drive swing path, Powell flashed good lift in his swing and made consistent line drive contact to the middle of the field and pull side.

Bryce Ramsay - C - 2016 - Barkhamsted, CT
Ramsay put together one of the event's most impressive catcher workouts, posting a 1.91 pop time from behind the dish. He also showed good right-handed bat speed and has game ready swing mechanics.

Sam Shaw - OF - 2016 - Brimfield, MA
A wiry, athletic outfield, Shaw ran a 7.02 60 yard dash time and showed a quick, short line drive stroke from the right side of the plate. He also threw 86 mph from the outfield.

Kyle Trombley - OF - 2016 - Wilbraham, MA
A lean, wiry athlete, Trombley opened eyes with his blazing 6.49 60 yard dash time and defensive play in the outfield. He also shows off a repeatable, line drive swing path.

2017 Top Prospects

Vinnie Martin - OF - 2017 - Lodi, NJ
A young hitter with a game ready approach, Martin flashes above average bat speed and pull side power potential. He uses an aggressive approach and stays short to the baseball.

Brandon Jenkins - RHP - 2017 - Glendora, NJ
A good athlete with a very high upside on the mound and enthusiasm for the game, Jenkins topped at 88 mph with his fastball and showed intriguing power potential from the right side of the plate.

Tommy Seidl - OF - 2017 - Wellesley, MA
A plus overall athlete, Seidl showed off excellent speed with his 6.62 60 yard dash time. He also threw 82 mph from the outfield, 83 mph from the mound and flashed a solid, line drive stroke.

Jensen Lapoint - C - 2017 - Kennebunk, ME
A strong armed catcher who posted a 1.96 pop time and threw 78 mph from behind the plate, Lapoint also showed off above average bat speed and power potential at the plate. He also worked at 82-84 mph on the hill.

Dylan Presnal - RHP - 2017 - Ludlow, MA
A young right-handed who works from a high, over the top arm slot, Presnal topped out at 83 mph with his fastball and mixed in a sharp breaking ball.

2018 Top Prospects

Christopher Holcomb - LHP - 2018 - Osterville, MA
An athletic, highly projectable left-hander, Holcomb has the look of a pitcher who will continue to get better and add to his present 79-82 mph fastball. He has a superb feel for his secondary pitches.

Mike Siani - OF - 2018 - Glenside, PA
One of the event's youngest players, Siani turned heads in a big way with his above average bat speed and left-handed power potential. He also threw 88 mph from the outfield and 82 mph off the mound.