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DateGMTimeVisitor TeamSProbable StarterHome TeamSProbable StarterLocationFieldBlogWrapBoxPlay-By-Play
07/06/200959:00 AMDulin Dodgers 14u7 Cincy Flames 14U6 Terry ParkStadium
07/06/20091511:30 AMMiami Crush 14u1 Dulin Dodgers 14u8 Terry ParkBrett
07/07/2009259:00 AMDulin Dodgers 14u17 Puerto Rico Blue Jays0 City of Palms ParkStadium
07/09/2009449:00 AMSC ShockWave1 Dulin Dodgers 14u13 Terry ParkStadium
07/09/2009562:00 PMLids Indiana Bulls 14U0 Dulin Dodgers 14u4 City of Palms ParkStadium
07/10/2009609:00 AMCBC Storm 17u1 Dulin Dodgers 14u10 Terry ParkStadium
07/11/2009649:00 AMCincy Flames 14U0 Dulin Dodgers 14u7 City of Palms ParkStadium
07/11/20096611:30 AMBigStix Gamers '136 Dulin Dodgers 14u7 City of Palms ParkStadium