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DateGMTimeVisitor TeamSProbable StarterHome TeamSProbable StarterLocationFieldBlogWrapBoxPlay-By-Play
07/20/201019:00 AMFlorida Bombers 16's11 Palm Beach Select3 Terry ParkStadium
07/21/20104711:30 AMTeam Gwinnett / Mizuno5 Florida Bombers 16's4 City of Palms ParkStadium
07/21/2010634:30 PMFlorida Bombers 16's10 Team Orlando1 Terry ParkBrett
07/22/2010819:00 AMFlorida Bombers 16's1 Connecticut Heat5 CenturyLink Sports Complex (Twins)Field 1
07/22/20101092:00 PMMizuno Edge1 Florida Bombers 16's4 City of Palms ParkAuxiliary
07/23/20101239:00 AMFlorida Bombers 16's3 Homeplate Chilidogs7 Terry ParkBrett