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Baseball and Role of Sleep
Kevin Barr        
Published: Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Role of Sleep for Baseball Players

 Allows body to recover & repair.

•  Optimizes immune-system function.

•  Stimulates release of growth hormone.

•  Improves pain-tolerance.

Consequences of Sleep-Deprivation in Baseball Players

 Decrease in baseball skill-performance, strength, & speed.

•  Increased risk-of-injury.

•  Decrease in mental-focus & concentration.

Sleep-Guidelines for Baseball Players

 Sleep 8 hours per night.

•  Keep standardized wake-up time.

•  Take 10-minute nap when possible.

•  Read, listen to music, or take warm-shower prior to sleep.

•  Avoid caffeine & high-protein meals prior to sleep.

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