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Published: Monday, June 27, 2011

1,323 players who played in PG events drafted, 85% of all picks in the draft

Last year the staff at Perfect Game thought it might be impossible to break the 2009 record total of draft picks. That year a total of 1,191 players who had participated in Perfect Game events were selected, which accounted for more than 78% of all of the players drafted.

The 2010 PG draft totals far surpassed the old record.

For the 15th
 consecutive year a record was established when more than 83% (1,266 of 1,525 total players drafted) of all players selected in the 2010 MLB draft attended Perfect Game events.

Here is a break down for 2010:

Rd 1 and Rd 1 supplemental: 44 of 50 = 88%
Rd 1-10: 285 of 323 = 88.23%
Rd 11-20: 264 of 300 = 88%
Rd 21-30: 244 of 300 = 81%
Rd 31-40: 249 of 300 = 83%
Rd 41-50: 224 of 300 = 75%

As the numbers continue to grow, establishing records will be difficult to attain. However, once again this year another record was set.

1,323 of the 1,530 players who were selected in the 2011 draft played in Perfect Game events, 85% of all picks.

Here is a break down for 2011:

Rd 1 and Rd 1 supplemental: 52 of 60 = 87%
Rd 1-10: 294 of 331 = 89%
Rd 11-20: 259 of 300 = 86%
Rd 21-30: 264 of 300 = 88%
Rd 31-40: 258 of 300 = 86%
Rd 41-50: 248 of 300 = 83%

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