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Jupiter photos by team
Perfect Game Staff        
Published: Friday, October 31, 2008

Team Opponent Gm #
2009 On Deck O's
New York PG USA Dark Green 25
ABD Bulldogs '09
East Cobb Titans 64
South Charlotte Panthers 2009 110
Akadema IN Yankees 18U
Team British Columbia 1
Georgia PG Texas Orange 50
All American Prospects
PG USA Orange 69
All Star Baseball Academy
Colorado Slammers 19
Austin Baseball Club
Tri-State Arsenal / Cust D-Jacks 8
Royals Baseball Club 59
Bellaire Offseason Cards
NW Timberjacks 61
Northeast PG USA Steel 178
Bo Jackson Midwest
MSL All-Stars 36
Bo Jackson Midwest #21 Pitcher
Braves Scout Team
Ontario Blue Jays 55
Louisiana All Stars 166
Cangelosi Baseball '09
New Jersey PG Red 15
Ohio Warhawks 80
Central FL Renegades
East Cobb Titans 115
Chet Lemon's Juice
Temecula Boxers 57
College Select
Florida Bombers Scout Team 40
Colorado Slammers
All Star Baseball Academy 19
Miami PG USA Maroon 88
Dallas Tigers 18U
Kentucky Baseball Club 13
Florida PG USA Gold 120
Deep South PG White
Richmond Braves National 71
Diamond Devils 18's
PG USA Black 77
Diamond Vision Elite
New York PG USA Dark Green 5
Dirtbags/Hooters Scout Team
NJ Twins 16
Dulins Dodgers
Team Worth 4
East Coast PG USA Teal
South Charlotte Panthers 2009 2
East Cobb Astros
Florida Pokers '09s 10
East Cobb Titans
ABD Bulldogs '09 64
Central FL Renegades 115
Farrah Builders
Hurricanes Baseball '09 20
San Gabriel Valley Arsenal 112
Farrah Builders #42 Pitcher
Florida Bombers Scout Team
College Select 40
Florida PG USA Gold
Dallas Tigers 18U 120
Florida Pokers '09s
East Cobb Astros 10
Georgia PG Texas Orange
Akadema IN Yankees 18U 50
Houston Heat
World of Baseball Angels 41
Hurricanes Baseball '09
Farrah Builders 20
San Gabriel Valley Arsenal 58
Kansas City Royals Scout Team
PG USA Columbia Blue 28
KC Royals Scout Team #22 Pitcher
Kentucky Baseball Club
Dallas Tigers 18U 13
Lids Indiana Bulls 09
Winning Inning 43
Louisiana All Stars
Mid-Atlantic Rookies 48
Braves Scout Team 166
Miami PG USA Maroon
Colorado Slammers 88
Mid-Atlantic Rookies
Louisiana All Stars 48
Northeast PG USA Steel 131
Midwest Blazers Scout Team
Team Elite 18u 6
MSL All-Stars
Bo Jackson Midwest 36
MVP Baseball
MVP Baseball Head Shots
New Jersey PG Red
Cangelosi Baseball '09 15
Team Worth 87
New York Nine Scout
Texas Scout Team Yankees 38
New York PG USA Dark Green
Diamond Vision Elite 5
2009 On Deck O's 25
NJ Twins
Dirtbags/Hooters Scout Team 16
PG USA Crimson 68
Northeast PG USA Steel
Mid-Atlantic Rookies 131
Bellaire Offseason Cards 178
NW Timberjacks
Bellaire Offseason Cards 61
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black 102
Ohio Warhawks
Cangelosi Baseball '09 80
Ontario Blue Jays
Orlando PG Purple 9
Braves Scout Team 55
Orioles Scout Team
Southwest Florida Baseball 18U 60
Orlando PG Purple
Ontario Blue Jays 9
Orlando Scorpions Gray
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black 12
PG USA Royal 26
Palm Beach Select
Puerto Rico Baseball Academy 3
Palm Beach Select Pitchers #30 / #12
PG USA Black
Diamond Devils 18's 77
PG USA Columbia Blue
PG USA Columbia Blue #22 Pitcher
San Gabriel Valley Arsenal 81
PG Columbia Blue #11 Pitcher
PG USA Crimson
White Sox Scout Team/Florida Legends 24
NJ Twins 68
Team PR - YBC 147
PG USA Kelly Green
South Florida Bandits 29
PG USA Orange
PG USA Orange Pitcher #28
All American Prospects 69
PG USA Royal
Orlando Scorpions Gray 26
PG USA Royal #22 Pitcher
Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
Palm Beach Select 3
Rays Scout Team
South Florida Bandits 106
Richmond Braves National
Deep South PG White 71
Royals Baseball Club
Austin Baseball Club 59
Tri-State Arsenal / Cust D-Jacks 95
San Gabriel Valley Arsenal
Hurricanes Baseball '09 58
Farrah Builders 112
South Charlotte Panthers 2009
East Coast PG USA Teal 2
ABD Bulldogs '09 110
South Florida Bandits
PG USA Kelly Green 29
Rays Scout Team 106
South Florida PG Navy
Texas Scout Team Yankees 11
South Troy / Youth Service
Team Bedlam 97
Southwest Florida Baseball 18U
Orioles Scout Team 60
St. Louis Pirates 17u Black
Orlando Scorpions Gray 12
PG USA Royal 46
NW Timberjacks 102
Team Bedlam
South Troy / Youth Service 97
Team British Columbia
Team British Columbia Bat Boy
Akadema IN Yankees 18U 1
Team Connecticut Baseball
Team Elite 18u 76
Team Elite 18u
Midwest Blazers Scout Team 6
Team Connecticut Baseball 76
Team PR - YBC
White Sox Scout Team/Florida Legends 7
PG USA Crimson 147
Team Worth
Dulins Dodgers 4
New Jersey PG Red 87
Temecula Boxers
Chet Lemon's Juice 57
Texas Scout Team Yankees
South Florida PG Navy 11
New York Nine Scout 38
Tri-State Arsenal / Cust D-Jacks
Austin Baseball Club 8
Royals Baseball Club 95
White Sox Scout Team/Florida Legends
Team PR - YBC 7
PG USA Crimson 24
Winning Inning
Lids Indiana Bulls 09 43
World of Baseball Angels
Houston Heat 41
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