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A: General Liability is required and Accidental Health is recommended. Insurance will not be valid unless Perfect Game is listed as additionally insured.
A: Insurance can be purchased through Perfect Game.
A: Yes, but it can only play in touching neighboring regions to its own. Example: South Florida teams can also play in North Florida and Florida qualifiers and regional tournaments. South Florida teams cannot play in Georgia region.
A: A player is in the region he is a legal resident. If there are any cases that need special consideration, please email Alex Dry
A: A player is considered from the region he is a legal resident. For cases that need special consideration, email Alex Dry
A: Once a player qualifies with a team he is frozen on that team. He is allowed to play in the National Championship with that team and cannot switch teams.
A: Rosters lock at first pitch of the first game.
A: Yes. Rosters should be what a team plans to compete with if it qualifies for the PG Super25 National Championship.
A: A team can replace players but cannot replace more than 40 percent of its roster. It can still play in the Super 25 National Championship with less as long as it has 9 players to play.
A: A player may only play for one team in a PG Super25 tournament. If he is listed on more than one team’s roster, the team he plays for first is the team he is rostered on. Tournament directors and the Perfect Game Super25 National Office will make its best effort to catch players listed on multiple rosters ahead of time and have them listed on only one roster.
A: Yes, as long as he is not on a team’s roster that qualified for the PG Super25 National Championship.
A: Yes, as long as the players were not on a team that qualified for the PG Super25 National Championship.
A: No. Each team has a separate roster.
A: Yes. The entry fee varies by age division.
A: Lineups can consist of up to 12 hitters. You can have a DH, XH, and 2 EHs in addintion to 9 hitters.
A: If a player is playing in different age groups during the same time period he cannot throw twice as many innings.
A: For 9U-13U all catchers must wear a hockey style catcher’s mask.
A: No. Please see the PG Super25 rules 3.06
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