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FB Velocities
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Luke Heyman R90
Elite Squad 15U National David Davila L88
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Kyle Larsen R88
Elite Squad 15U National Maison Martinez R88
Baseball University 2022 Maruszak Andrew Jergins L87
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Jose Pena R87
ELEV8 SELECT Jason Torres R87
Gamblers Elite Christopher Diaz R86
Elite Squad 15U National Logan Forsythe R86
Coastal Prospects Davion Hickson R86
X Team 2022 Sebastian Perez R86
Elite Squad 15U National Blake Gollott L85
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Titan Kamaka R85
Elite Squad 15U National Kevin Martinez R85
X Team 2022 Vincent Mingarelli R85
ELEV8 SELECT Wilder Puertas R85
Power Baseball 2022 Kolten Smith R85
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Vincent Valente R85
ELEV8 SELECT Jaxon Pastore R84
Baseball University 2022 Maruszak Jamie Arnold L83
Baseball University 2022 Maruszak Camden Boyer R83
Power Baseball 2022 Dewon Brazelton R83
Power Baseball 2022 White Gabriel Castro R83
Gatorball 15U Cole Gonzales R83
Elite Squad 15U National Zach Hessler R83
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Corban Little L83
Elite Squad 15U National Quin Spalding R83
Power Baseball 2022 Ben Barrett R82
ELEV8 SELECT Luis Delgado R82
Baseball University 2022 Maruszak Jackson Hartland R82
Elite Squad 15U National Hunter Pankey R82
Original Florida Pokers 2022 Jacob Senecal R82
Elite Squad 15U American Hermes Alfonso R81
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Wells Clark R81
Elite Squad 15U American Tyler Venegas R81
Gamblers Elite Matthew Davis R80
Florida Grinders 2022 Evan Griffis R80
Elite Squad 15U American Riley Reed L80
Gamblers Elite Dylan Reinhardt R80
ELEV8 SELECT Edrian Romero R80
Elite Squad 15U National Mel Rubiera L80
Power Baseball 2022 Isaac Sewell L80
ELEV8 SELECT Ariel Antigua R79
Elite Squad 15U National Anthony Contreras L79
Gamblers Elite Jacob Hardy R79
Gamblers Elite Brady Jackson R79
Coastal Prospects Caleb Jones R79
Gatorball 15U Tyson Robinson R79
Gatorball 15U Ryan Braddock R78
Gamblers Elite Jonathan Gonzalez R78
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Cameron King R78
X Team 2022 Matthew Manuel R78
Florida Hurricanes 15U Platinum Brian Marinez R78
Power Baseball 2022 White Harrison Miller R78
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Kyle Mueller R78
Florida Hurricanes 15U Platinum Reynaldo Plasencia Plasencia R78
Gamblers Elite Zack Robinson R78
Power Baseball 2022 Cole Stephens R78
Power Baseball 2022 White Reid Williams R78
Florida Hurricanes 15U Platinum Travis Camp R77
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2022 Hector Casanova R77
X Team 2022 Carson Dircks L77
ELEV8 SELECT Alex Flores R77
ELEV8 SELECT Brandyn Gonzalez R77
X Team 2022 Gavin Pomper R77
Elite Squad 15U American AJ Prendergast R77
Coastal Prospects Drew Sullivan R77
Florida Grinders 2022 D'Moi Foy R76
Florida Grinders 2022 Zachary Kendall R76
Power Baseball 2022 White Xavier Lopez L76
Original Florida Pokers 2022 Joshua McFarlane R76
Cape Premier 22/23 Oscar Ramon L76
Power Baseball 2022 Ethan Schalte R76
Gamblers Elite AJ Seymour R76
Cape Premier 22/23 Jorge Garcia R75
Coastal Prospects Brady Greene R75
X Team 2022 Jake Haggard R75
Elite Squad 15U American Steven Hammond R75
Original Florida Pokers 2022 Ryan Meekins R75
ELEV8 SELECT Kyle Patterson R75
Baseball University 2022 Maruszak Lucas Phelps R75
Proball 15U Jack Powell R75
Proball 15U Ty Robertson L75
Power Baseball 2022 White Drew Taylor R75
Coastal Prospects Christopher Emilsen R74
Power Baseball 2022 Quentin Feuerborn R74
Original Florida Pokers 2022 Ethan Firestein R74
Florida Hurricanes 15U Platinum Connor Nightingale R74
Florida Grinders 2022 Drew Pynes R74
Original Florida Pokers 2022 Sammy Beir R73
X Team 2022 Ethan Cook L73
Gatorball 15U Dustin Dunlap L73
Original Florida Pokers 2022 Jacob Furshman R73
Gatorball 15U Alexander Kastensmidt R73
Power Baseball 2022 White Landon Miller L73
Power Baseball 2022 Bradley O'Kane R73
Baseball University 2022 Maruszak Evan Schumm L73
Gatorball 15U Riley Fitzgerald L72
Gatorball 15U Jackson Greene R72
Florida Hurricanes 15U Platinum Armani Newton L72
Florida Grinders 2022 Matt Tinder L72
Florida Grinders 2022 Seth Wideman R72
Proball 15U Dalton Dampier L71
Proball 15U Dylan Gavlick R71
Gatorball 15U Kyle Mayberry L71
Power Baseball 2022 White Christian Montes R71
Baseball University 2022 Maruszak Vincent Vigil R71
Proball 15U Markeinis Brown R70
Gatorball 15U Donny Hiebert L70
Cape Premier 22/23 Cameron Agius R69
Proball 15U Jeremiah Crum R68
ELEV8 SELECT Brandon Villabrille R68
Power Baseball 2022 White Jake Hayden R67
Florida Hurricanes 15U Platinum Maximo Oses R65
Proball 15U James Roche R65
Proball 15U Dontrell Jenkins R64
Cape Premier 22/23 Brandon Moya R64
Cape Premier 22/23 Trace Rodmyre R60
Proball 15U Jagger Vinson L57
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