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FB Velocities
SBO Florida Freshman Lucas Torres R87
Gamblers Elite Christopher Diaz R84
LHB Ervis Solis L82
SBO Florida Freshman Ryan Hernandez R80
Gamblers Elite Brady Jackson R80
SWFL STARZ 16U Aidan Donovan R79
Gamblers Elite Jonathan Gonzalez R79
Gamblers Elite Dylan Reinhardt R79
SWFL STARZ 16U Xavier Resto R79
Gamblers Elite Trenton Fleischman R78
Blue Bombers Gavin Hause R78
Blue Bombers Riley Reed L78
SWFL STARZ 16U Matthew Ciccone R77
Turn 2 Baseball Austin Schrowe L77
Gamblers Elite Matthew Davis R76
Blue Bombers Jorge Guerra R76
SWFL STARZ 16U Jessie Ramirez R76
Gamblers Elite Zack Robinson R76
SBO Florida Freshman Luis Rodriguez R76
Gamblers Elite Connor Spells R76
LHB Rolando Aballi R75
LHB Ronald Castillo R75
LHB Wilfred Anthony Gonzalez R75
Blue Bombers Jayse Meek R75
Blue Bombers Omar Guerra L74
Blue Bombers Luke Mohr R74
Blue Bombers Christian Puente R74
SWFL STARZ 16U Nathanael Santibanez R74
SWFL STARZ 16U Christopher Burch R73
Blue Bombers Gavin Lepore R73
SBO Florida Freshman Jesus Lopez R73
SWFL STARZ 16U Jameson Moschella R73
SWFL STARZ 16U Anthony Rewolinski R73
LHB Victor Castillo R72
Turn 2 Baseball Derek Ramirez R72
Blue Bombers Kayden Castro R71
Turn 2 Baseball Gavin Howe R70
Gamblers Elite José Marrero R69
Turn 2 Baseball Ryan Shelbourne R69
SBO Florida Freshman Justin Vazquez R69
Turn 2 Baseball Sean Peace L68
Gamblers Elite Francesco Ciprianni R66
Turn 2 Baseball Brady O’Lone L64
SBO Florida Freshman Enrique Raldiris R63
Gamblers Elite Dylan Rizzo R62
LHB Jacob Sims L61
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