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FB Velocities
SBO Florida 14u David Bosque R85
Kangaroo Court Roos American Aidan Miller R85
Kangaroo Court Roos American Spencer Butt R84
Genesis Baseball Pablo Torres R83
Florida Hurricanes 14U Platinum Freddy Noel Beruvides Jr L82
Futures Scout Team Ponch Gaich R82
Resmondo FTB Kevin Martinez R82
Genesis Baseball Derek Yahel Rodriguez R82
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Peyton Brewer R81
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Gabriel Flores R81
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Elliott Foreman R81
Kangaroo Court Roos American Paul Guerne L81
5 Star National CF Hayden Gustavson R81
Resmondo FTB Chris Knier R81
Kangaroo Court Roos American Wesley Mendes L81
Genesis Baseball Mel Rubiera L81
Florida Hurricanes 14U Platinum Favyan Suarez R81
Genesis Baseball Chris Arroyo L80
Weston Travel Baseballl Prime Miguel Baez R80
Futures Scout Team Brett Denby R80
Kangaroo Court Roos American Kodi Deskins R80
Futures Scout Team Gavin Ehrhardt L80
Elite Squad 14U Outlaws Eduardo Fernandez R80
Florida Hurricanes 14U Platinum Jacob Gomberg L80
Futures Scout Team Blake Grimmer R80
Resmondo FTB Riley Jackson R80
Futures Scout Team Sebastian Jaimes R80
Kangaroo Court Roos American Cade Kurland R80
Midland Swarm Select JuanCarlos (JC) Morales-Vega R80
Canes Southwest Premier 2023 Travis Sykora R80
5 Star National CF Jayden Brown R79
Elite Squad 14U Outlaws Daniel Cuvet R79
Resmondo FTB TJ Dunsford R79
Elite Squad 14U Outlaws Walter Ford R79
Florida Hurricanes 14U Platinum Oscar Hernandez R79
Resmondo FTB Jaeden Jackson R79
5 Star National CF Drew Marra R79
Midland Swarm Select Isaiah Myles R79
Resmondo FTB Anthony Schatz L79
Elite Squad 14U Outlaws Brandon White R79
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Jayden Boyd R78
Elite Squad 14U Outlaws Christopher Carroll R78
Genesis Baseball Zaid Diaz L78
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Jonathan Germany R78
Kangaroo Court Roos National Anthony Gualemi R78
Futures Scout Team Tanner Hudspeth R78
Florida Hurricanes 14U Platinum Tyler Johnson R78
Elite Squad 14U Outlaws Christopher Perez R78
Resmondo FTB Bryan Rivera R78
5 Star National CF Jaden Stockton R78
Kangaroo Court Roos American Gavin Thomas R78
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Tyler Biesecker R77
TNT Baseball Christopher Blanco R77
SBO Florida 14u Julian Garcia R77
TNT Baseball Jonathan Gonzalez R77
Genesis Baseball Keyler Gonzalez R77
Weston Travel Baseballl Prime Samuel Mandel R77
Midland Swarm Select Julian Montes R77
Midland Swarm Select Zachary Redner R77
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Collin Ross R77
Canes Southwest Premier 2023 Braeden Best R76
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Brayden Childers R76
Kangaroo Court Roos National Landen Maroudis R76
Elite Squad 14U Outlaws Nickolas Mora R76
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Jake Richardson R76
Canes Southwest Premier 2023 Logan Smith R76
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Everett Ahlberg R75
Kangaroo Court Roos National Jessiah Branch R75
Weston Travel Baseballl Prime Andres Cruz R75
TNT Baseball Gian De Castro R75
5 Star National CF Luke Dotson L75
Canes Southwest Premier 2023 Holden Harris R75
Futures Scout Team Joseph Helms R75
Midland Swarm Select Tyler Howald R75
Kangaroo Court Roos American Nelson Ramos R75
Midland Swarm Select Jacob Riegel R75
Kangaroo Court Roos American Matt Rose R75
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Ben Adams R74
FTB Ambrose Antonio Alvarez R74
TNT Baseball Diego Garcia R74
5 Star National CF Samuel Hernandez R74
Elite Squad 14U Outlaws Antonio Jimenez R74
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Karson Lindsey L74
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Quentin Moon L74
Kangaroo Court Roos National Caiden O'Brien R74
Genesis Baseball Ryan Vargas R74
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Justin Bradford L73
Kangaroo Court Roos National Connor Bruseski R73
Kangaroo Court Roos American Vance Celiberti L73
Genesis Baseball Nathanael Coupet R73
SBO Florida 14u Pier Figueroa L73
5 Star National CF Luke Jackson R73
TNT Baseball Luis Lorenzo R73
Canes Southwest Premier 2023 Wyatt Newman R73
SBO Florida 14u Edgardo R. Rivera R73
SBO Florida 14u Jose Enrique Rodriguez Vera R73
Kangaroo Court Roos National Cj Thornton R73
FTB Ambrose Marlon Bravo Jr R72
Elite Squad 14U Outlaws Devin Catoni R72
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Cason Davis R72
SBO Florida 14u Tyler Franco Pinto R72
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Nicholas Gioia R72
FTB Ambrose Stephon Gryskiewicz L72
Freeze Blue Isaac Reynolds R72
Genesis Baseball Matthew Rumardo R72
FTB Ambrose David Urrutia R72
Genesis Baseball Riley Bambino R71
Canes Southwest Premier 2023 Max Crites R71
TNT Baseball Christopher Hernandez R71
TNT Baseball Mason Holman L71
Freeze Blue Zachary Johnson R71
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Laith Lineberger R71
SBO Florida 14u Killan Oneill R71
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Noah Paddie R71
TNT Baseball Matthew Perez R71
TNT Baseball Kevin Romero R71
SBO Florida 14u Alejandro Simo R71
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Seth Waltimyer R71
Kangaroo Court Roos National Gabe Wheeler R71
FTB Ambrose Tony Woodie R71
Futures Scout Team Cole Cahill L70
Midland Swarm Select Alex Lopez R70
Florida Spikes 14U Brian Ramos R70
Canes Southwest Premier 2023 Ramsey Simpson L70
Florida Spikes 14U Bobby Boden R69
Midland Swarm Select Ethan Burkhardt R69
Performance Baseball Texas 14U Kameron Mangum R69
Florida Spikes 14U Michael McGrath R69
Canes Southwest Premier 2023 Walker Alsobrooks R68
Midland Swarm Select Tyler Doran R68
Midland Swarm Select Joe Greenwood L68
Kangaroo Court Roos American Fletcher Hislop R68
Freeze Blue Evan Vellano R68
Florida Spikes 14U Nikolas Koorse R67
FTB Ambrose Justin Nesselhauf R67
Freeze Blue Nick Staszak R67
Florida Spikes 14U Emmanuel "Manny" Lantigua R66
Florida Spikes 14U Anthony Marchese L66
Kangaroo Court Roos National Derek Westfall R66
Freeze Blue Tyler Kelly R65
Kangaroo Court Roos National Cj Koenck R65
Freeze Blue Kevin Prado R65
Freeze Blue Dylan Watters R65
Kangaroo Court Roos National Bryce Andrews R64
Florida Hurricanes 14U Platinum Bradley Link R64
Canes Southwest Premier 2023 Jackson McFall R64
Florida Spikes 14U Blake Perez R64
GSB Prospects 2022/2023 Daniel Berkley R63
FTB Ambrose Conrad Burch R63
Florida Spikes 14U Christopher Cuccia R63
Freeze Blue Rowan Kirk R63
Florida Spikes 14U Carter McCormick R63
Resmondo FTB Mason Resmondo R63
Florida Spikes 14U Julio Tejada R63
Weston Travel Baseballl Prime Brandon Vargas R63
Weston Travel Baseballl Prime Nicholas Gutierrez-Villa R62
Weston Travel Baseballl Prime Frank Chiliberti L60
FTB Ambrose Jake Epstein R60
Weston Travel Baseballl Prime Imani Fadraga R60
Freeze Blue Emilio Gonzalez L60
Florida Spikes 14U Joshua Haney R57
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