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2023 14U PG Elite 40 St. Louis Scouting Showcase (DK, Scouts) - All Turf (A)
14U (A) 16U (A) 18U (A)
Games can begin as early as 8am on Friday. All teams must be prepared to play at 8am.
Please note: The payment deadline for this tournament is 7/5/2023. Teams not paid by this deadline will be automatically removed from the event. Schedule requests must be submitted by the payment deadline. Any requests submitted after this deadline cannot be accommodated. Thank you for your cooperation.

Reminder - the ability to pay via ACH/Bank Draft is not available starting 14 days prior to first pitch.
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FB Velocities
14u Mn Starters National Lillyan Bury R64
OG Fastpitch 2027 Gracie Crafton R61
Louisville Lady Sluggers 09- VB Rory Fitzgerald L61
Tbsa Wahoos '09 Khloe Kearns R61
316 Elite - Jb Liberty Lewis R61
14u Mn Starters National Hayden Palin R61
Missouri Bombers '09 Blayke Frownfelter R59
St. Louis Naturals Midwest 2008 Aleah Nichols R59
Black Widows 08 Paxton Reid R59
St. Louis Naturals Midwest 2008 Marlee Steiner R59
Ozark Ambush Select Delaney Dixon R58
Missouri Bombers '09 Chrystal Hall R58
St. Louis Naturals Midwest 2008 Zoey Mathews L58
Minnesota Magic 14u National Isabella Schiavone R58
Black Widows 08 Sadie Sholtis R58
Louisville Lady Sluggers 09- VB Norah Culver R57
Ozark Ambush Select Shelby Hicks R57
316 Elite - Jb Grace Swart R57
Minnesota Magic 14u National Ava Youngquist R57
Tbsa Wahoos '09 Courtney Hodel R56
14u Mn Starters National Bren Holzhueter R56
Tbsa Wahoos '09 Elle Smithers R56
Minnesota Magic 14u National Nora Thurmes R56
Top Gun 09 Stl Rylie Van Cleve R56
Ozark Ambush Select Emily Barr R55
St. Louis Naturals Midwest 2008 Ava Brown R55
Top Gun 09 Stl Kaylee Daniels R55
Missouri Bombers '09 Samantha Laudano R55
Black Widows 08 Jillian Monahan R55
Louisville Lady Sluggers 09- VB Neva Polc R55
OG Fastpitch 2027 Alex Skirvin R55
Ozark Ambush Select Payton Hicks R54
316 Elite - Jb Isla Nesmith R54
Top Gun 09 Stl Allisan Cafolla R53
Top Gun 09 Stl Ava McClellan R51
OG Fastpitch 2027 Cali Clements R46
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