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2023 14U February Classic at Premier (MAJOR)
6U (Open) (CP) 8U (AA) (CP) 9U (AA) 9U (AAA) 10U (AA) 11U (AAA) 12U (AA) 12U (AAA) 13U (AAA) 14U (Major)
Payment is due Tuesday before the event! Payment is the only way to secure your spot non-payment will result to being waitlisted!
Gate Fees:
These are at the discretion of each park and can change without notice

Baseball USA: $10/person CASH ONLY
- 18& under FREE
- Active Military & Veterans FREE with ID
- First Responders FREE with ID
- NO Senior Citizen Discounts

Premier Baseball of Texas: $10/person OR $20/Car MAX (CASH ONLY)

Schiel Road: $10/ Person CARD ONLY + tax
- 2 Coaches in Free (Required to check-in with Gate Employee)
- Military/First Responder $5 WITH ID
- Senior Citizen $5

Lone Star Sports Complex: $10/person CASH OR CARD

Catch 2 Dugout: $10/car - CASH ONLY

Big League Dreams: $8 CASH OR CARD
- 2 coaches free (Required to sign in)

Diamonds at Daily Park: $10/person OR $20/car MAX (CASH OR CARD)
Schedule/Scores Brackets Event Info   Pool Standings
FB Velocities
Texas Twelve Katy Maroon 14u Dominic Giametta Iii R86
Texas Banditos Black Ralph Ortiz R83
Gladiators Cooper Murphy R82
Gladiators Casen Reedy R82
Fort Bend Bombers Brooks Allen R81
Houston Wildcatters – 14u – Barron Rylan Jackson R81
Gladiators Jackson Jones R81
Scorpions Team EASTON Michael Pozzi R81
Chargers Michael Pozzi R81
Texas Drillers Wyatt Baskin R80
Texas Banditos Black Aiden DeLeon L80
Texas Banditos Black Chris Gonzales R80
Hp Baseball Watassek Tavyn Lonis R80
Hp Baseball Watassek Jaydon Ortiz R80
Houston Wildcatters - 14u - Aguilera Stephen (Drew) Rocha R80
Lbc National 14u Jordan “Porkchop” Albarado R79
Lbc National 14u Valentin Ceballos R79
Texas Banditos Black Cash Clayton R79
Gladiators Dreyden Cook R79
Chargers Mason Desai R79
Texas Banditos Black Hunter Golden R79
Lbc National 14u Lane Johnson R79
Texas Banditos Black Jay Sralla R79
Wildcatters Burgos 13u Caleb Alexander R78
Lbc National 14u Ethan Armbruster R78
Lbc National 14u Connor Bloomer R78
Texas Twelve Katy Maroon 14u Luke Hardy R78
Gladiators Colton Harwell R78
Wildcatters Burgos 13u Pablo Martinez R78
Td Edge 14u - Bailey Dante Mitchell R78
Texas Twelve Katy Maroon 14u Noah Powell R78
Texas Twelve Katy Maroon 14u Luke Simon R78
Texas Drillers Samuel Arrendell L77
Texas Twelve Katy Maroon 14u Thomas Eugate R77
Banditos 2027 Greene Xavier Garcia L77
Houston Wildcatters - 14u - Aguilera Elijah Gassett L77
Texas Elite Lobos - Richert Braylon Hobbie R77
Texas Elite Lobos - Scout Braylon Hobbie R77
Texas Drillers Luke Loving R77
Chargers Ayden Phillips L77
Hp Baseball Watassek Luke Polasek R77
Fort Bend Bombers Colten Simonton R77
Houston Wildcatters – 14u – Barron Oscar Barron L76
Fort Bend Bombers Trevor Bielitz L76
Texas Twelve Katy Maroon 14u Jackson Bryant R76
Fort Bend Bombers Luke Chapman R76
Houston Wildcatters – 14u – Barron Kaled Faudoa R76
Lynx 14u Black Caleb Green R76
Lbc National 14u Jayden Hall R76
Banditos 2027 Greene Colton Igal R76
Texas Twelve Katy Maroon 14u Jirius Khoury R76
Houston Wildcatters – 14u – Barron Gregory Leon R76
Lbc National 14u Brenly Oaks R76
Houston Wildcatters - 14u - Aguilera Julian Ricks R76
Td Edge 14u - Bailey Isaac Trencher R76
Hp Baseball Watassek Cash Wilson L76
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Garrett Bagwell R75
Hp Baseball Watassek Brody Bartee R75
Texas Drillers Blake Calnan L75
Southwest Prospects Ayden Collier L75
Wildcatters Burgos 13u Travis Fiedler R75
Texas Drillers Benjamin Fuqua L75
Houston Wildcatters – 14u – Barron Christian Gracia R75
Texas Legends Devin Lancaster R75
Td Edge 14u - Bailey Davis Lee L75
Texas Drillers Logan Santos R75
Chargers Logan Steen R75
Fort Bend Bombers Brayden Tibbetts R75
The Unit 2027 Kase Vacek R75
The Unit 2027 Holt Yackel R75
Houston Wildcatters - 14u - Aguilera Samuel Aguilera R74
Chargers Luke Beierle R74
Fort Bend Bombers Jake Burton L74
Texas Banditos Black Caleb Gafford R74
Td Edge 14u - Bailey Brayden Grote R74
Td Edge 14u - Bailey Brady Kerrigan R74
Texas Legends Tanner Martin R74
Lbc National 14u Gustavo Navejas R74
Lbc National 14u Cash Nelson R74
Houston Wildcatters - 14u - Aguilera Julian Rincon R74
Premier- R. Clyde Ian Rodriguez R74
Texas Prime Black 2027 Noah Salazar L74
Texas Elite Lobos - Scout Brady Schneider R74
Texas Elite Lobos - Richert Brady Schneider R74
Premier- R. Clyde Finn Venker R74
Houston Wildcatters – 14u – Barron Darwin Virtudazo L74
Hp Baseball Watassek Luke Watassek R74
Banditos 2027 Greene Landon Bruns R73
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Robert Ferrell R73
Banditos 2027 Greene Dallas Gonzales R73
Texas Drillers Preston Gorski R73
Texas Legends Josiah Lisenbe R73
Wildcatters Burgos 13u Isaiah Nunez R73
Wildcatters Burgos 13u Dylan Pruneda R73
Texas Elite Lobos - Scout Kade Rodgers R73
Texas Elite Lobos - Richert Kade Rodgers R73
Hp Baseball Watassek Kash Schwab L73
Gladiators Owen Sieve L73
The Unit 2027 James Terrazas R73
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Mason Alexander R72
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Brayden Campbell R72
Wildcatters Burgos 13u Keegan Cardona L72
Gladiators Blake Erwin L72
Fort Bend Bombers David Harris L72
Texas Prime Black 2027 Reid Houston R72
The Unit 2027 Jack Hurt R72
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Jack Kilcrease L72
Texas Drillers Joshua Martinez R72
21 BASEBALL ACADEMY Joshua Martinez R72
Texas Twelve Katy Maroon 14u Corbin Medack R72
Texas Prime Black 2027 Carson Murray R72
Texas Drillers Dillon Norris R72
Houston Wildcatters – 14u – Barron Jonell Rodriguez R72
Td Edge 14u - Bailey Gino Tonielli R72
Texas Legends Carter Brookhouser R71
Lynx 14u Black Luke Carter R71
Texas Legends Jackson Cote R71
Prospect United Houston Red Owen Hobbs L71
Banditos 2027 Greene Christian Jara R71
Houston Wildcatters - 14u - Aguilera Lubin Rincon R71
14U Premier Baseball (Campos) Tyler Snyder R71
Premier- R. Clyde Tyler Snyder R71
Lbc National 14u Drew Wells L71
The Unit 2027 Lincoln Wyatt R71
Prospect United Houston Red Trevor Allen R70
Texas Elite Lobos - Scout Slade Brown R70
Texas Elite Lobos - Richert Slade Brown R70
Chargers Caine Chapman R70
Lynx 14u Black Brayden Cole R70
Lynx 14u Black Jordan Dawson R70
Texas Prime Black 2027 Raimy Evans R70
Houston Wildcatters - 14u - Aguilera Holt Griffith R70
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Devan Mote R70
The Unit 2027 Trenton Ross L70
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Myles Tope R70
Prospect United Houston Red Timothy Yates L70
Chargers Ryland Forks R69
Houston Wildcatters – 14u – Barron Hayden Maldonado R69
Fort Bend Bombers Carter Peel R69
Chargers Ford Anderson R68
Premier- R. Clyde Carter Martin R68
Southwest Prospects Parker Owen R68
Texas Prime Black 2027 Will Paterson R68
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Zachary Rosko R68
Lynx 14u Black Nolan Sides R68
Scorpions Team Easton (National) Ishan Singh R68
Fort Bend Bombers Colby Taylor R68
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Cole Vongontard R68
Prospect United Houston Red Jack Bielamowicz L67
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Brian Keister R67
Magnolia Strikers 14 Black Drake Owens R67
Scorpions Team Easton (National) Neil Raju R67
Banditos 2027 Greene Gavin Buchanan R66
Texas Banditos Black Brady Burrow L66
Prospect United Houston Red Cavan Crain L66
Scorpions Team Easton (National) Greyson Vercher R66
Southwest Prospects Ryan Campbell L65
Prospect United Houston Red Caleb Cook R65
Texas Elite Lobos - Scout Robert Croce R65
Banditos 2027 Greene Valentino Deleon R65
Premier- R. Clyde William Duncan R65
Texas Legends Matthew Fagan R65
Southwest Prospects Jayden Hershberger R65
Premier- R. Clyde Cooper Karns R65
Scorpions Team EASTON Logan Smith L65
Scorpions Team Easton (National) Logan Smith L65
Scorpions Team Easton (National) Luke Vaughan L65
Prospect United Houston Red Connor Boone R64
Texas Legends Cole Hamilton R64
Scorpions Team Easton (National) Everett Huffman L63
Southwest Prospects Austin Layne R61
Lynx 14u Black Brady Hamilton R60
Southwest Prospects Jack Martino R60
Southwest Prospects Dawson Ho R59