FB Velocities
Squad 9 Cody Funk R77
5 Star National Jake Lankie R77
5 Star National Connor Crisp R76
TB Devon Murphy R76
5 Star Martin Evan Odom R76
Squad 9 Tyrus Cobb L75
Team Solo Andrew Dunford R75
Team Solo James Hays R75
Acworth Warriors Holbrook Slayd Champion R74
5 Star National Bransen Powell R74
Squad 9 Patrick Murray R73
Acworth Warriors Holbrook Fisher Collins R72
5 Star Martin Quinten Dye R72
5 Star National Quinten Dye R72
Team Elite 13U Prospects Brooks House R72
Team Elite 13U Prospects Lleyton Jones R72
Team Solo Davis Smith R72
Georgia Bombers 13u Gage Gray R70
Team Elite 13U Premier Trip Barron R69
Home Plate Chili Dogs 13U Thompson Jansen Kenty L69
Team Solo Eli Mullis R69
Winston Dingers Luke Collins R68
Acworth Warriors Holbrook Jackson Miller R68
Georgia Bombers 13u Jax Phillips R68
Home Plate Chili Dogs 13U Thompson Antonio Anderson R67
5 Star Martin Garrett Brown R67
5 Star Martin Caden Henderson R67
Acworth Warriors Holbrook Jonah Pace R67
Home Plate Chili Dogs 13U Thompson Drew Ellsworth L66
Team Elite 13U Premier Drew Hartsog L66
Georgia Bombers 13u Ben Sanders R66
Georgia Bombers 13u Luke Sweigart R66
Georgia Bombers 13u Evan O'Neill R65
Georgia Bombers 13u Tyler Bak L64
Home Plate Chili Dogs 13U Thompson Cooper Ramey R64
Home Plate Chili Dogs 13U Thompson Garrett Arrington R63
5 Star Martin Connor Griffin R62
Winston Dingers Jeb Etheridge R60
Team Elite 13U Premier Grayson Godbee R56
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