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FB Velocities
Iowa Black Ice Hailey Boltz R62
Iowa Black Ice Lucy Porter R62
Tbsa Wahoos’07 Mia Volpert R61
07 Texas Glory Il Red Mariah Rankin R60
07 Texas Glory Il Red Jenna Flessner R59
Nebraska Gold 309 Kayley Reynolds R58
Expos '08 Julia Roth R57
Cik 08s Alexis Trueg R57
Iowa Black Ice Braylen Conlon L56
Expos '08 Ella Simon R56
Expos '08 Jolee Strohmeyer R56
Nebraska Gold 309 Memphis Gibson R55
Cik 08s Ava Hahn R55
Tbsa Wahoos’07 Haleigh Sinclair R55
Nebraska Gold 309 Samantha Verstraete R55
Team Heat Softball 13U-Norrell Elise Wieters R55
07 Texas Glory Il Red Carlee Gilker R54
07 Texas Glory Il Red Ella Selinger L54
Tbsa Wahoos’07 Shelby Goodrich R53
House of Sportz 08 Cassidee Stoffel R53
House of Sportz 08 Victoria Torres R53
Team Heat Softball 13U-Norrell Kirstin Tracey R53
Cik 08s Faith Gray R52
Team Heat Softball 13U-Norrell Stella Leopold R52
Nebraska Gold 309 Alley Gorsh R49
Team Heat Softball 13U-Norrell Madelyn Merschman R49
House of Sportz 08 Rayven Perkins R48
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