Showcase California Underclass Showcase
Jan 29 - 30, 2005 Arrowhead Credit Union Park - San Bernardino, CA  

FB Velocities

Bryan CastroR88
LaCurtis MayesR87
Kyle O'CampoR87
Matthew ThomsonR87
Aaron RichardsonL84
Ryan PinedaR83
Chris JonesR82
Ray HernandezR81
Hassan BeyahR80
Scott CampR80
Courtney MorganR80
John TottenR80
Bryce AvilaR79
Joseph DePintoR79
Matthew SistoR79
Chris StrafaceL79
David FryL78
Harlyn GriffithsR78
Alex MarneyR78
Kyle MorganR78
Delency BakerL77
Michael KordichR77
Adam PittmanR77
David LeggR76
John DillonL75
Patrick HulsR75
Marty MedinaR75
Thomas LeeR74
Tim JohnstonL73
Andrew AckerL72
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