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FB Velocities
Gbg Northwest Swoosh Jase Schueller R86
WBA - Dobbins Kaleb Fitzpatrick R83
Gbg Northwest Swoosh Emilio Feliciano R82
NW Diamond Sports Dylan Ha R82
Legends 18U Skyler Lynch L82
Northwest Braves Colin Patrick R82
NW Diamond Sports Logan Ready R82
Northwest Braves Mitchell Clark R81
NW Diamond Sports Xavier Otto R81
Climbers kevin snodgrass R81
Climbers Cy Taylor R81
Gbg Northwest Swoosh Andrew Charron R80
Gbg Northwest Swoosh Colton Anardi R79
Climbers Kyle Gerchak R79
NW Diamond Sports Isaac Hertzog R79
Legends 18U Hayden Holobaugh L79
Legends 18U Colin Martin R79
ESC Tigers Nolan Howard R78
WBA - Dobbins Reed McFeely R78
WBA - Dobbins Trevor Nyhusmoen R78
Gbg Northwest Swoosh Caden Poor R78
WBA - Dobbins Nate Rasmussen R78
Climbers Ryan Antonio R77
Climbers Spencer Coots R77
Legends 18U Kody Edelbrock R77
Gbg Northwest Swoosh Jay O'Neill R77
Climbers Ezekiel Rodriguez R77
WBA - Dobbins Cameron Keller R76
Legends 18U Kobe Koehler R76
Climbers Trenton Lamie R76
ESC Tigers Cole Martinson R76
Legends 18U Elijah Moore R76
New Level Xtreme 17u Johnson William Mulick R76
New Level Xtreme 17u Johnson Finn Still R76
Gbg Northwest Swoosh Emmett Weichbrodt R76
WBA - Dobbins Ethan Daquila R75
Climbers Tobyn Dudley R75
Northwest Braves Jacob Hansen R75
New Level Xtreme 17u Johnson Aaron Harberg R75
Climbers Cyrus Parsons L75
NW Diamond Sports Grayson Wert L75
New Level Xtreme 17u Johnson Colby Mahan L74
WBA - Dobbins Sabin Tomlinson L74
Northwest Braves Kasey Boe R73
Climbers Jackson Camper R73
New Level Xtreme 17u Johnson Austin Egan R73
Climbers Blake Hennessy R73
NW Diamond Sports Hayden Kaiser L73
New Level Xtreme 17u Johnson Alexander Wakefield R73
New Level Xtreme 17u Johnson Mitchell Arneson R72
WBA - Dobbins Jacob Dahlman R72
ESC Tigers Jason Mackay R72
WBA - Dobbins Cooper Rataezyk R72
Northwest Braves Ashwath Seshamani R72
Northwest Braves Ben Lake L71
ESC Tigers Atticus Smith R71
Northwest Braves Lucas Fujii R70
Legends 18U Cameron Jacobsen R70
Gbg Northwest Swoosh Jaden Newsom L69
ESC Tigers Bret Kilburg R68
New Level Xtreme 17u Johnson Ethan Nimmo R67
Legends 18U Luke Portillo R66
Northwest Braves Viraaj Singh L66
New Level Xtreme 17u Johnson Blaine Pinchak L65
ESC Tigers James Vasbinder R65
ESC Tigers Justin Duckworth R62
ESC Tigers Joshua Ardissonne R56
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