FB Velocities
Idaho Rockies Robert Orloski R84
Arlington/Stanwood/Marysville Schools Ethan Jury R83
Idaho Rockies Jake Robinson L82
Showtime North Bailey New R81
Idaho Rockies Zane Bidwell R80
Bridgetown Baseball 16u Nakashima Paddy Keefer R80
Arlington/Stanwood/Marysville Schools Cooper McBride L80
Showtime North Brayden Oram R80
Idaho Rockies Jack Ryan R80
Arlington/Stanwood/Marysville Schools Carson Serge R80
New Level Xtreme 16u Neil Jason Beck R79
Idaho Rockies Mario Deleon L79
Arlington/Stanwood/Marysville Schools Jeren Eldridge R79
Arlington/Stanwood/Marysville Schools Aiden Green R79
Arlington/Stanwood/Marysville Schools Jayce Jaubert R79
New Level Xtreme 16u Neil Mason Wright R79
Premier Baseball 15u Alex Mora R78
Showtime North Trevor Nimmich R78
New Level Xtreme 16u Neil Christopher Moore R77
Idaho Rockies Kason O'Neil L77
Idaho Rockies Eric Parris L77
Snohomish Pilchuckers 16u Van Berman R76
Seattle Rawlings Tigers Connor Floyd R76
Premier Baseball 15u Nathanael (Nate) Merritt L76
Snohomish Pilchuckers 16u Daniil Rye L76
New Level Xtreme 16u Neil Dallas Boler R75
Snohomish Pilchuckers 16u Ben Levin R75
Snohomish Pilchuckers 16u Max Macdicken R75
Snohomish Pilchuckers 16u Dylan Schwartzmiller R75
Showtime North Sean Tutty R75
Premier Baseball 15u Makani Geisen R74
Seattle Rawlings Tigers Dane Hansen R74
Idaho Rockies Nicholas McDaniel L74
New Level Xtreme 16u Neil Zachary Sosa R74
Bridgetown Baseball 16u Nakashima Colby Whisenhunt R74
New Level Xtreme 16u Neil JD Kaylor III R73
Bridgetown Baseball 16u Nakashima Gavin Bolding R72
Premier Baseball 15u Branson Castleberry R72
Bridgetown Baseball 16u Nakashima Braeden Bellus R71
Arlington/Stanwood/Marysville Schools Treyton Mascarenas L71
Premier Baseball 15u Deven Anthony Savella R71
Premier Baseball 15u Camden Hern R70
Bridgetown Baseball 16u Nakashima Nicholas (Nick) Nakashima R70
Arlington/Stanwood/Marysville Schools Cooper Reed R70
Snohomish Pilchuckers 16u Cayden Little L69
Bridgetown Baseball 16u Nakashima Kolbe McAfee R69
New Level Xtreme 16u Neil Sawyer Welfringer R69
Snohomish Pilchuckers 16u Willy Jentoft R68
Snohomish Pilchuckers 16u Caplin Sturlaugson R68
Premier Baseball 15u James. (JJ) Thompson jr R68
Bridgetown Baseball 16u Nakashima Seth Fillinger R67
Showtime North Payton Hanly L67
Seattle Rawlings Tigers Jack Henzke R67
New Level Xtreme 16u Neil Miguel Santos-Lara R66
Premier Baseball 15u Noah severson R66
Premier Baseball 15u Owen Morey R64
Showtime North Curtis Sellers L64
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