FB Velocities
National Prospects 14u Jordan Martinez R79
National Prospects 14u Nash Pires R79
Alabama Select 14U Bryce Gover R78
Florida Grind 14U Fisher Van Der Tulip R78
Alabama Select 14U Brady Richardson R77
WFBA Hammerheads 14U Kylan Cook R76
National Prospects 14u Reilly Six R76
WFBA Hammerheads 14U Cody Turberville R76
Coastal Baseball Miles Drew Johnson L74
Florida Grind 14U Hayden Register R74
Coastal Baseball Paxton Stallings R74
Alabama Select 14U Sandrell Williams R74
National Prospects 14u Conner Riffe R73
National Prospects 14u Sammy Roberts L73
WFBA Hammerheads 14U Danny Jackson R72
Alabama Select 14U Andrew Lutz R72
WFBA Hammerheads 14U Harley Messer R72
Alabama Colts Decarl White R72
Coastal Baseball Blake Westry R71
Alabama Select 14U Ashton Yelder R71
Coastal Baseball Luke Bledsoe R70
Coastal Baseball Braxton Taylor R70
Coastal Baseball Brady Cole Harrison R69
WFBA Hammerheads 14U Carter Hoeft R69
Coastal Baseball Aiden Hughes L69
Alabama Colts Anderson Harris R68
Alabama Select 14U Colin Edwards R67
Florida Grind 14U Baylor Partie R67
Alabama Colts Brayden Burks R66
Alabama Colts Evan McCrory R66
Florida Grind 14U Christian Zediker R66
Florida Grind 14U Eli Brown R65
Florida Grind 14U Aidan Forrest R65
National Prospects 14u Grant Walters R65
WFBA Hammerheads 14U Chase Johnson R64
Alabama Colts Cooper Fuller R63
Alabama Colts Knox Cooper R61
WFBA Hammerheads 14U Mytch Deacy R61
Florida Grind 14U Javan Hampton R59
Florida Grind 14U Anders Magnuson R59
Alabama Colts Ryder McCrory L59
WFBA Hammerheads 14U Austin Owen L57
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